Product: Ogio StepUp Moto Ramp
Price: $149.99

Key Features:

-Folds in half to easily fit in any truck or van.

-Features a "step" in the middle of the ramp to ease loading and unloading  your bike.

-Rubber tips on both ends of the ramp help grip the tailgate and the ground.

-Aluminum construction.

What We Liked:

-Foldable ramps are always welcome here at TWMX.  With a plethora of moto haulers among the staff, it's nice not worrying about where, or if, your ramp is going to fit in a pickup bed.

-Rubber hooks on the top of the ramp are some of the most secure we have ever used providing a positive fitment on the tailgate.  The rubber ends on the bottom really help when loading up your scoot on pavement.

-The ladder style rungs on the ramp do a great a job of gripping your wheels.

-Overall very good, quality construction.464y2465

-Unloading is made somewhat less stressful as the bike will stop on the step, allowing you to hop down off the tailgate without the need to hold the front brake on.

What We Didn't Like:

-Unfortunately our least favorite part of the ramp is also the key feature: the step.

1)The step virtually kills your momentum while running your bike up the ramp, actually increasing the effort one has to exert to successfully load the bike.

2)Once the rear wheel does reach the step, while it does allow some rest for the loader, it also puts the handlebars dead even with the back of the tailgate.  This makes pushing the bike up the rest of the way pretty difficult both from the ground or standing on the tailgate itself.

*We should note that on the Ogio Web site, someone demonstrates loading the bike by pulling it the rest of the way up once they are in the bed.  They also do all of their demonstrations using a bike stand as a step, a method often used by folks with taller trucks.

-Nearly 150 bones is a little pricey for a ramp IOHO (in our humble opinion).

What We Really Think:

The Ogio StepUp Ramp is a good concept. The company saw an area that could use some improvement, and while we can definitely see where they were going, and what their intentions were, this product needs some tweaking to be more appealing. One should not need to use a bike stand for truck beds of normal hieght. For now this product would probably work best with lifted trucks. We do like the overall construction and length, but for now we would rather stick with a standard ramp.