Jardine RT-5 Exhaust System

Jardine, better known for its exploits in road racing, has applied its technology to the off-road world with its RT-5 exhaust system. Designed to increase power over the entire powerband, the aluminum system maintains a clean look and low tone.

While we like the fact that the bike revved deep into the top end as well, we really dug the Jardine's low-end grunt.

We like the reverse tear-drop shape of the canister as well as the black end cap. If you want a loud pipe that turns every head in the pits, this may not be the pipe for you. We, however, actually embraced the unobtrusive bellow. It barked, but would have no problem passing a noise test.

Although this system may not be for all of the weight-shaving racers out there, this is a great exhaust for people who want performance and a confident tone but do not feel the need to drop a grand at the powersports shop.

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