Acerbis Fender Kit

For many of us, plastics are a luxury buy. We would love to get a new kit every time we went down on the bike. But, as we all know, that can get expensive (especially if you fall as much as Kinman).

Up until recently, you had to either buy entire kits from Acerbis, or each individual piece separately. Those crafty Italians have changed that, however, and now you can just pick up some fenders in one swoop. For about forty-five bucks, you can get the front and the rear together in one bag.

Acerbis fender kits are available for all current models (except KTM) for $45.95. Kit includes the front and rear fender of the original factory color and shape according to model.

So if you looped out last weekend, replace those old cracked and faded out fenders.

Available in: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue

For more info go to or call 800-292-5874