Answer Comet Comp Helmet

Today, we heard some heavy footsteps thundering back into the TWMX offices and knew that it wasn’t the energy drink-sponging UPS man. Footsteps like that could only belong to A: the T-Rex in Jurrasic Park, or B. our former Associate Editor Erick “Big E Bartoldus. Thankfully for us it was Big E and not the T-Rex, and in his meaty arms, he bore many gifts. Among them was this Answer Racing Comet Comp Helmet. One of the coolest-looking mid-line helmets we’ve ever seen, the Comet Comp lid has sweet-looking graphics and a price tag that—at $159.95—won’t break the bank. “That way, you still have money for a Miguel’s Jr. burrito or four, said Big E.Call 951/736-5369 or visit “”