CCR Sport is the originator of the truck bed motorcycle tie-down support brace. With their innovative design and high quality manufacturing, it is no wonder why they produce the best product of its kind, bar none. From the functionality and quality of this product, it would be hard to imagine hauling our bikes without the aid of the Bed Buddy; which leads us to ask the question why we see so many trucks at the track with out one?

The American Made Bed Buddy is designed to strengthen the front of your trucks bed to prevent it from bowing into the cab when pulling your bikes down tight. As many of you know, it doesn’t take much force to wreck your truck’s bed when pulling your bikes down. The Bed Buddy features 3 wheel slots that hold any size tire to prevent the wheel from slipping to the side and possibly causing your motorcycle to fall over and create even more damage to your hauler. CCR Sport spaced the 3 wheel slots properly to prevent your handlebars from clashing together as well. Probably the best part of using the Bed Buddy is the convenience of having three heavy duty tie-down hooks that are strategically located so that you no longer have to route your tie-downs through spokes, over tires, or under fenders when you are hauling more then one motorcycle.

The Bed Buddy features light weight steel construction (only 14lbs.) and is sand blasted and powder coated for a great looking, durable finish. CCR Sport manufactures the Bed Buddy in three different sizes to fit any mini size (53 ¾), mid size (57) and full size (60) trucks. Installation is simple with the provided hardware kit and takes just a few minutes.

Whether you are hauling bicycles, dirt bikes, street bikes or what ever else you may need to haul, the Bed Buddy is a must have product for any hauler, including trucks, vans, trailers, etc. The crew here at Transworld could never imagine hauling our motorcycles without the aid of the Bed Buddy. At just $139.95, we think you’ll agree that the Bed Buddy is money well spent before your next trip to the track.

For more information on the Bed Buddy and more of CCR Sport products you can visit or blow them up toll free at 877/227-1218.