We don’t want to point any fingers, but some of you out there are in desperate need of some, shall we say, cosmetic improvement to that steed in the back of your truck. The easiest thing to make that bike look like it just came of the showroom floor is to replace those old beat-up plastics. We have seen countless late model bikes out there that look like they were made in the 80’s; old graphics clinging to faded, warped, cracked plastic—your bike deserves better.

No one understands the power of replacement plastics better than Web Guy Chris. He spends more time picking up his bike than he does riding it. If there is a cable or fence to run in to, he’ll make sure he finds it. So needless to say, new shrouds, side panels, and fenders are always welcomed with open arms. Enter Cycra Replacement Plastics. They must have heard Chris was out riding his KTM 250SX-F this past week, because a box of plastic was waiting for him back at the office. True to form, Chris had tested the durability of his existing plastic by laying down the bike in nearly every corner. But, thanks to Cycra, and the new plastics, Chris can sidestep the definite verbal abuse from Swap. He’ll never know how many times he went down. Ha!

So do yourself a favor and spend that lunch money on some replacement plastics. No one needs to know that your bike’s shrouds are in the dirt more than the tires.

Powerflow Intake Radiator Shrouds $59.95
Performance Front Fender $19.95
Powerflow Rear Fender $24.95
KTM Factory Stadium # Plate $29.95

See all of Cycra’s available plastics at www.cycra.com