DC TeamWorks

Recently DC Shoes launched their DC Moto TeamWorks collection, as many of you may have noticed from their ad spreads in our mag. They collaborated with their sponsored athletes, who just may be the biggest names in motocross, to create 4 style sets. Nate Adams, Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, and Travis Pastrana each brought their own style to a custom streetwear set, featuring a pair of shoes, tee, and hat. Essentially, they went beyond the typical pro-model shoe, making a pro-model outfit.

“When developing the Moto TeamWorks collection, the main concept was to create something as a celebration to the guys and all their accomplishments, said Ken Block, DC Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer. “Ricky, Travis, Jeremy, and Nate have had overwhelming influence in the direction of motocross, and have set the standards for all aspects of it today. DC is very proud of all of our athletes, and it is great to be able to give something unique back to them.

So how did they turn out? Well, true to DC’s claims, the gear definitely has each rider’s stamp. The Pastrana shoes feature familiar yellow accents with the #199. His hat also has the #199 on the back along with the DC logo on the front. The tee has a subtle DC logo on the chest. RC’s gear features a black/grey colorway with speckled #4’s on the hat and tee. His shoe, although mostly black, is relatively flashy with shiny accents and full-sole air cushion. Adam’s gear stays consistent with large, off-kilter DC logos. Mostly blue, Adam’s gear, matches his bike well. Finally, Jeremy McGrath came a little different with his set-up. Instead of the skate-shoe inspired kicks of the other 3, MC chose a boot. Great for kicking around the dirt at the track, these are sure to be popular with press at the races. He matched up the black and red boots with a classic white DC tee and red and black New Era.
All in all, DC accomplished what they were going for. In a time of brand loyalty and matching gear, this collection is sure to do well during this holiday season.

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DC Team MotoWorksThey have also launched a podcast for Team MotoWorks; click below…
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