DX1 Custom Leatt Sticker Kit

One of the coolest aspects of our favorite sport (motocross, duh!) is the fact that it’s an individual activity rather than a group effort; unless you’re getting paid by a sponsor to wear a certain brand, no team outfits or gear are required, and being different is actually encouraged! In keeping with this mindset, the fellas at Factory Effex offer all sorts of unique looks for you and your bike. From preprinted, custom number plate backgrounds to full-blown, complete shroud and trim kits, the DX1 line has you covered.

The latest and greatest in their line of sticker sets is the Leatt Kit, which for just under 50 bucks allows a rider to fully customize the look of his or her Leatt Brace, just like the pros do. The kit completely changes the look of the somewhat understated stock design of the Leatt Brace, giving you not only the freedom to add your name and number, but also change designs and colors while you’re at it. Once an overall design is picked (there are two basic sets to choose from), it’s all up to you: Pick the colors, add your name and numbers, and even throw in some logos from DX1’s long list of sponsors, bands, etc. You can even choose from seven different available fonts for the writing, as well!

The package we received from Factory Effex was addressed to Garth “Big Girth Milan: Knowing that G is a huge fan of punk rock, the guys at DX1 not only hooked Milan up with his customized name and number, but also added a sweet Exploited logo, to boot! The DX1 custom Leatt sticker kit is easy to put on, looks sweet, and helps you stand out from everybody else on the track. What’s not to love?

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