Fasst Co.’s Rear Brake Clevis

Some aftermarket anodized parts are strictly for flash. They make your bike look like a factory ride, but they don’t necessarily make your bike perform like one.

However, there are small parts out there that not only make your bike look like its ready to race, but actually improve the performance as well.

Fasst Company’s American Made rear brake clevis is designed to eliminate the “play in the OEM pedal set up. The rear brake clevis is manufactured out of billet aluminum and utilizes a stainless pivot pin and bushing. The pivot pin is specifically designed to fit the bushing in the OEM rear pedal, eliminating all play felt through the pedal.

This thing really works. It is a perfect addition to a bike that has enough hours on it that it has gained some play in the pedal. Off the showroom floor, bikes always have tight, crisp controls, but after time, they tend to get a little sloppy. The Fasst Co. clevis definitely eliminates that worn-in play.

The clevis is available in anodized red, blue or black and retails for $53.95.

For more information visit www.fasstco.com.