Hammerhead Brake Pedal

John Clark at Hammerhead is a clever guy. In addition to being an excellent photographer, he also makes some of the trickest stuff that money can buy for a dirt bike. The latest cool part from Hammerhead is a complete billet brake pedal assembly, complete with a custom-fit brake pedal tip. Customization is what Hammerhead is all about, and the pedal shown here is perfect for our resident giant, Garth Milan. With size 15 feet that look a lot like cross-country skis, it’s easy to understand how Big Girth can have a hard time shifting and braking. Well, Hammerhead’s tips come in not only stock dimensions, but also further forward, further rearward, and taller and lower configurations. Garth runs a tip that is 10mm further forward, so that he isn’t braking with the arches of his boots.

If you have abnormally small or large feet, or just want the coolest brake pedal that $169.95 can buy, call 650/365-3172 or visit www.hdmoto.com