Moose Racing M1 Gear

This morning, the FedEx man strolled back into our offices and complained that we didn’t have any blue Low-Carb Monster Energy drinks in the fridge. “I can’t drink the green ones, man, he said, to no one in particular. “And the orange ones make me fart. He then proceeded to open a fresh case of blue ones and hide a couple cans in the back, behind the supply of green cans.
What does all of this have to do with today’s new product? Well, when we opened up the box from our friends at Moose Racing, out popped a set of 2008 M1 race gear in…you guessed it: blue! If you aren’t crazy about all of the bright colors and wild designs that some of this year’s riding gear boasts, you should check out the new M1 gear from Moose. Featuring a solid color with subtle black pinstripes and highlights, the M1 gear is classy and tasteful at the same time. All we know is that this set of blue M1 probably sends a shiver of delight up Team Yamaha boss Keith McCarty’s spine!Available in red, white, blue, yellow, orange and green, the M1 Jersey costs $29.95, the pants cost $89.95 and the gloves are $19.95.