Pro Taper Pillowtop Grips

A grip is a grip, right? Wrong! Here at TransWorld Motocross, the editors are pickier with their grip selection than they are with the models we shoot for the magazine posters. And that’s saying a lot! See, Garth and Cooley both have sissy hands that blister up quicker than Colin Farrell after a bad date. That said the grips they use must be of a certain diameter, of a specific rubber durometer rating and feature a palm-pleasing pattern.

When Big E and Lindsay over at Pro Taper sent over a box full of their new PillowTop grips, we wondered if they were inspired by the two dozen Eggo’s that Big E downs each morning for breakfast. Upon closer inspection, though, we noticed that not one, not two, but three different rubber compounds: soft for the main grip, medium for the lip and hard for the ends, so that they resist tearing in a crash.

The PillowTop grips feel great in your hands, and the raised pattern on the surface almost seems to grip your glove back. We rode with them yesterday and loved the way that they felt: the super cushy grip dampens vibration and spares your hands.
Available in green, orange, yellow, green, blue and red, they cost $12.95.
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