Product of the Day: Pro Taper SE Bars

Today, our UPS man dropped off a long, skinny box that made clanking noises when we shook it. Now, being the experienced editors that we are, we surmised that several pairs of handlebars were inside. A quick slash with out non-airline-legal box cutter revealed that we were correct!
The Pro Taper SE handlebar is nothing new around here; we’ve long been fans of the 7/8 Pro Tapers and have found them to be among the best small0diameter handlebars that money can buy. Today, however, we were surprised to find that they are now available in three new colors! Silver, red and blue (shown) anodized Pro Taper SE bars now compliment the original Titanium anodized versions.
Pro Taper SE bars are available in about 976 different bends (kidding), with a rise and sweep to please just about everyone: even mini riders and quad goons. The full retail price for you non-sponsored guys is $64.99, but we all know that everyone who races has a hook up somewhere, right?

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