Scott Limited Edition Maverick Goggle

The movie Top Gun and motocross are exactly alike…Seriously. Speed, nicknames painted on helmets, aircraft carriers–wait, no, not those.

Okay, so there aren’t that many parallels among the two, but Scott’s new Limited Edition goggle is called the Maverick, and Tom Cruise’ character was named Maverick, and that is saying something.

We are not sure if the name is supposed to be a reference, but it should. Either way, Scott has once again broke away from their traditional styling roots and come up with quite a design. The Maverick is based on the highly popular Hi-VoltageIII frame, worn by the likes of Ryan Villopoto and Tim Ferry and boasts the same features expected from the goggle gurus at Scott.

These LTD’s run about $79.95, and even come with an extra lens.
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