Scott Sunglasses

Swap and the other TWMX vets get more boxes from the energy drink-crazed Fed-Ex man than the receiving department at Wal-Mart. Poor little Webmaster Corndog must settle for the scraps left behind. But there seems to be hope for the new guy; Captain Fed-Ex stopped short of the refrigerator to drop a box off at Corndog’s corner. At first he didn’t know whether to open it or put it in a glass case for display. But his better judgment forced him to tear the box open, revealing new sunglasses from Scott USA.

For years Scott has been the best selling motocross goggle around but, strangely enough, they have never really had a strong sunglass line. Some may not even know they offer such products. But things, it seems, have changed for the Idaho-based company. They have released 5 new styles, including one women’s model. Offered only in black at this time, the new Scott sunnies are, indeed, a step in the right direction. The 5 new styles range from $64.95 to $69.95. As for the TWMX crew…Swap, Big Girth, and Cooley-Highharmony can fight over the pair that doesn’t fit Corndog.

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