Shift Tees

Everyone likes T-shirts but, let’s be honest, some of you need to throw away some of those rags you wear out to dinner on Saturday night. Yes, it’s time to retire those tees to the box in the garage for cleaning rags where they belong.

We at TWMX understand the importance of a clean tee. Heck, Cooley irons two every morning. He makes a game-time decision of which to wear on his way out the door. That said, we are always excited when the Fed-Ex man, en-route to a cold Monster Energy Drink, drops off a box of tees (although there are rarely any mediums for the smaller stature individuals who also like tees…).

Our latest “gift” was a box from Shift, which included some of their latest tee designs. These tees reminded us of the message alluded to above. A clean tee makes for a happier dinner at Chili’s.

Most Shift tees are available for $19.95 in variety of styles and colors. Check out all of Shift’s products at