Smith Top Fuel Goggle

We wear goggles during any task. Safety first, right? No matter if we are riding dirt bikes, throwing water balloons, or filling a piñata with candy, we make sure our eyes are properly protected. And when you wear goggles as much as we do, they need to look good. Enter the Top Fuel Goggle from Smith Optics. Available in 7 colors including the clear-blue/blue shown, there is one for everyone. With features like 3-layer face foam, color-matched Lexan lens, a silicone-lined strap, and an articulating strap outrigger, the Top Fuel keeps our eyes stylishly protected when we are having carb cleaner fights in the back of the office. Trust us, you don’t want to tell your boss that you can’t work because your goggles failed during an aerosol ambush. Or you can just use them when you ride your dirt bike…either way.

The Top Fuel Goggle retails for 50 bucks, but can you put a price on vision? Check out all of Smith’s products at