TokyoMods MX Cam

What’s better than engine mods? Engine mods that are easy. Many of us don’t have the time, the garage, or the know-how to properly install after-market parts. It’s always nice when products show up that can be installed by the regular guy and do not require a ton of work.

That said, it is also important that these products perform. There are few things worse than dropping hard-earned cash on a new mod for your bike only to experience little performance boost.

Well, TokyoMods has come through for all of you CRF450R owners out there. They have a new Billet Motocross Camshaft for the already potent Honda powerplant.

It is a “drop in so you don’t have to remove your head and install valve springs. It produces a considerable power increase through the RPM range without the abrupt hit. It may be the perfect cam for the power-hungry folks out there that just don’t have the time or money to remove and replace a lot of stuff. The TokyoMods Billet Camshafts retail for $379.95.