FOX Zebra LE F3 Boot

When Cooley opened up today’s UPS shipment and pulled these super limited edition Fox Racing Zebra F3 boots out, I suddenly got an urge to venture down to the corner liquor store. Why? To get one of those vanilla ice cream cups, swirled with strawberry icing of course! You know…the single serving ice creams that you eat with a wood spoon?

Nevermind. Anyway, designed to compliment the matching Blitz riding gear, these babies really are pretty cool. The Fox F3 boot is already a favorite of the TWMX staff, thanks to its stiff sole and excellent ankle support. Available in red/white or black/white, the limited edition Zebra F3 really are limited. When they are gone, they’re gone. So if these things tickle your fancy, head on down to your local Fox Racing dealer after you are done with that vanilla ice cream cup and get you a pair! They cost $359.95 and come in sized 8-14.Call 888/FOX-RACE or visit