Product Report: Thor Void Plus Glove

The new Thor Void Plus glove features a minimalist design with a "hidden" wrist closure system.



PRICE: $24.95


OPTIONS: Volcom (shown), Black, Red



While the recent advances in helmet, chest protector, knee brace, boot, and neck brace technology have all improved the protective qualities of motocross apparel, the trend in glove design has gone in the opposite direction. In the past we've seen gloves with plastic backing, extra foam layers, and  even gel pads over the knuckle areas; but the best-selling and most popular gloves of today feature minimalist designs with comfort and ventilation being the most important factors. Thor has had the Void glove for a while now and it is the most popular model among its sponsored racers, thanks to its non-padded palm and breathable back panel. For 2013, Thor has created the Void Plus, which takes the original Void and throws a couple extra features at it; namely a hook and loop wrist closure system and silicone finger and palm graphics for added traction.

The silicone printing on the palm and fingers provides extra traction against your grips.



–       The Void Plus is super comfortable, thanks to its thin, stretchy back panel and non-padded palm.

–       The hook and loop closure system allows you to tighten the glove without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Because it is located on the palm side of the glove (brilliant!), it does not restrict the movement of your wrists while riding.

–       They look great. Though the red or black versions are also pretty cool, the Volcom editions are sick!

–       The silicone graphics on the palm add a bit of traction against the grip without adding any bulk.

–       The mesh backing is extremely breathable, and the gloves vent well. We've especially appreciated this in recent weeks when temps in SoCal hovered around 100.



–       Every wearer is different, but the thumb was a bit long for four of our five testers.

–       As is the case with all minimalist gloves, there is no roost protection, whatsoever.


A hook and loop closure is located on the palm side of the glove. This allows you to cinch the wrist closed, without having a bulky closure system on the backside of your wrist.


Oftentimes, once our test photos and video footage is shot, we will change out of the "photo gear" that we're wearing and get back into our favorite, more familiar stuff. Furthermore, we're pretty picky about the gloves we will ride in, and have all been known to stick to one or two "non denominational" pairs per season. The Thor Void Plus glove, though, is just as cool and just as comfortable as any glove we've worn, though, and is without a doubt our favorite glove in the Thor catalog.