The MINI MAJOR by SEVEN is a one of a kind event.  This race only has classes for racers in the 50cc to Supermini classes only, no big bikes.  Milestone MX builds a unique layout and provides additional viewing areas throughout the track!  Vendors and sponsors create a Festival Village that is all about the kids.  Every evening there are special events like this years IRC Hill Climb and the Serpentine Challenge.  If you are a mini racer of any skill level this is one event that should be on your calendar every year.  You can race three classes for $100!  No membership required and no fees for transponders.  PRE REGISTER HERE and visit the MINI MAJOR HOME PAGE for all updates and event details.  Special thanks to SEVEN, BTO, IRC, and Wiseco for making this an awesome event!


Wednesday Oct 24 – Pull In Day.  Race track will be closed for prep

Thursday Oct 25 – Pull In Day.  Racer only practice will be open in split rounds 12:00 – 4:30.

Friday Oct 26 – Sunday Oct 28 – Racing starts at 8am.  Sight laps for every 10 motos.  One round of motos each day.