Surfercross is an event like no other. Over the course of two days, professional motocross and surf athletes team up to compete in a two day challenge that travels from Milestone MX to Trail Six at San Onofre State Beach in Southern California. The catch, though, is that motocross and surf athletes are teamed up by the luck of the draw. So, you want to be as well rounded as possible in both moto and surf if you want to take home the top prize. When the final horn was blown at Trail Six, Reid Harper and Dakota Tedder were crowned the winners of the 16th annual Toyota Surfercross, while Jon Murphy and Brian Schehr took the overall win in the industry division.

Music: Antagen / “Scavenger” / 15 Days

Overall Results

Pro Division:
1. Reid Harper/Dakota Tedder
2. Chava Greenlee/Phil Lawrence
3. Troy Eckert/Jeff Matiasevich
4. Charlie Carrol/David Pingree
5. Josh Sleigh/Ricky Yorks

Industry Division:
1. Jon Murphy/Brian Schehr
2. Tim Burandt/Louie Romo
3. Brett Dimanno/Craig Monty
4. Adrian Ciomo/Dustin Marvin
5. Chris Siebennar/John Simanovich