1986 Maggiora Motocross Des Nations DVD

On Sunday afternoon, September 21, 1986, three American riders ruled the hills and skies of Maggiora, Italy, in the most impressive display of domination the 59 year-old Motocross Des Nations has ever seen.

“Just let me tell you…”, says Bailey, “we were not in Italy to buy souvenirs or say ‘wow! look at those cobblestones streets!’ The underlying motivation in each and everyone of us was coming to the surface. We were there to kick some serious butt!”

Managed by legend Roger DeCoster, powered by the fierce competitiveness between American Honda’s David Bailey, Ricky Johnson and an inspired performance by their teammate Johnny O’Mara on a 125, Team USA simply blew away the rest of the motocross world. It was the high point of a winning streak for the Americans at the MX Des Nations that would stretch 13 years from 1981 to 1994. It was also the moment that the United States of America became the undisputed leader in world motocross.

Produced and distributed by ONE Industries, edited By Mitchell Bailey, the DVD is made of never seen before Gary Bailey footage of heroes Johnny O’mara, Rick Johnson and David Bailey racing the beautiful hills of Maggiora, Italy back in 1986.

Narrated by the ICON himself, the September release DVD is available for pre-order now at ONE Industries for $25.95 with 100% proceeds going to www.fullcirclefoundation.com(David Bailey Fund)

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