199 Lives Giveaway

The highly-anticipated 199 Lives, a unique look into the wild life of Travis Pastrana drops today onto DVD! If you haven’t seen it, you need to; and if you have, you probably need a copy at home to watch again and again.

Well, if you want to get your hands on a copy without dropping some coin, here’s your chance. TransWorld Motocross just happens to have 199 Lives and we are willing to give it up…

Want to get your hands on a copy? Then you need to upload a funny motocross video onto TransWorldMX.com. If the TWMX crew thinks you have the funniest video, you will get a fresh, crisp, brand-new copy of 199 Lives.

Remember, videos have to be motocross-related; no videos of kids whackin’ their father in the jewels with a golf club, or sleeping house cats falling off the top of the television.

Submissions need to uploaded before Sunday, December 14th. We will pick a winner and announce it on Monday Kickstart.