2 minutes with Chuck Miller

Greg Wright: How did the new MX Team come about? Why were Ernesto, Ramsey , and Carmichael hired over some other riders?

Chuck Miller: We looked at the riders that were available, who had the most potential to win and then offered them opportunity at Honda. Actually, all the riders wanted to be here anyway. We never needed to push anyone. We only want the riders that want to be here. Now we have them.

GW: What does it mean to have Ricky Carmichael on the team?

CM: I’d say that it means we have a great shot at the championship. New attitude, new thinking during testing, new attitude with all team staff.

GW: What are Team Honda’s expectations for 2002?

CM: Podiums full of Honda riders in ALL Supercross events for 2002. This may seem bold, but with RC, Ernesto Fonseca, Mike LaRocco, Nathan Ramsey and Sebastien Tortelli, we have a great shot!

GW: What would you like to communicate to the Honda fans out there?

CM: Honda is about cutting edge technology, engineering, and racing. We have spared nothingand all the elements for success in 2002 are in place.