Who’s doing what for 2002? It’s still too early to get complete answers out of every team manager, but this is what it’s looking like.

JAMES “BUBBA” STEWART will be pitted with the Team Kawasaki rig on a 125. He’ll be wearing Fox gear and Oakley goggles. Bubba is the guy to watch, and Kawasaki is giving him the backing.

DAVID VUILLEMIN is on Team Yamaha with Oxbow gear. He’ll be number 12 for 2002.

RICKY CARMICHAEL will wear Fox gear and is on Team Honda.

EZRA LUSK has switched spots with RC. He’ll be wearing Fox gear on a Kawasaki.

STEPHANE RONCADA is still on Team Kawasaki. He’ll be wearing O’Neal clothing, an M2R helmet and Sidi boots.

TIM FERRY will sport Thor gear and most likely Alpinestars boots.

KEVIN WINDHAM will almost certainly wear No Fear gear, and an Arai helmet.

ERNESTO FONSECA will race 250 Supercross and the 125 Nationals for Team Honda. He’ll wear Troy Lee Designs gear.

NATE RAMSEY is also on Team Honda. He will ride the CRF450 and wear AXO gear from head to toe and an HJC helmet.

MIKE LAROCCO will be wearing Gaerne boots and O’Neal gear, along with the rest of his team, which consists of MICHAEL BYRNE, CHRIS GOSSELAAR, and TRAVIS PRESTON.

SEBASTIEN TORTELLI is still wearing Thor gear and running the number 13.

SUZUKI’S 125 TEAM consists of BUDDY ANTUNEZ, in AXO gear, DANNY SMITH, who is wearing O’Neal gear and BRANDEN JESSEMAN and SHANE BESS, who also might wear O’Neal gear.

YAMAHA OF TROY will most likely wear Fox gear. Their riders are CHAD REED, IVAN TEDESCO, RODRIG THAIN and GREG SCHNELL. They’ve hired some new mechanics and a new truck driver in the off-season. Bikes and coasts haven’t been determined yet for each rider.

MOTO XXX still has KYLE LEWIS and LARRY WARD in their pit, but are still looking for a 125 East and a West guy. Larry Ward is planning on racing a few West Supercrosses, and then return home to hunt some springtime wildlife. Moto XXX has some Yamaha support, and are looking to buy a semi. Yoshimura will be building their bikes inside and out, and the riders will be donning O’Neal gear.

KTM will have GRANT LANGSTON, BROCK SELLARDS, STEVE BONIFACE, rookie BILLY LANINOVICH and DAVID PINGREE (Supercross only). They will all be wearing Thor gear.

PRO CIRCUIT’s team consists of MIKE BROWN, BOBBY BONDS and SHAE BENTLEY. They will also be wearing Thor gear. Pro Circuit is still looking for another rider.

The big question lies with TRAVIS PASTRANA. He’s trying to get out of his No Fear contract and maybe go with Thor, but that’s looking unlikely. Only time will tell. Travis will be on an RM250 this year.

NICK WEY is talking with Jeremy McGrath about a place under the McGrath Racing tent on a 250. Nothing is official yet.

It is possible that the BLACKFOOT HONDA team might make their way South from Canada to contest the Supercross season. They will wear Thor gear.

It is also rumored that MIKE CRAIG has something up his sleeve involving MICHAEL BRANDES.