JSR wraps it up in style -- McGourty wins 125 East Championship

Walton, ON -- Jean Sebastien Roy, who was crowned 250 National Champion last weekend at Round 7 in Quebec, wrapped up a near perfect season by winning the prestigious TransCan Grand National in Walton, Ontario on Sunday. Perfect weather conditions favoured the final round of the ’04 CMRC Canadian Motocross Championships, attracting more than 12,000 spectators to the event.

In a fitting climax to the season, the top three finishers in the 250 National Championship, JSR, Damon Huffman and John Dowd, capped off a banner year by dominating the TransCan with podium finishes.

Blackfoot Racing Honda Canada’s Roy won the overall with 2-1 moto results. After starting both motos in the top 10 he had his work cut out connecting with front runners Huffman, OTSFF Suzuki’s Dowd and Coors Light Suzuki’s Craig Decker in moto one.

At one point in the race, JSR passed his teammate Huffman for the lead, only to go down trying to distance himself from the Californian. Roy worked his way back into second by the time the checkers were waved with Huffman taking the moto win.

In the second moto, Huffy briefly exchanged the lead with Atlantic Canada’ Mitchell Cooke (Diablo Honda). Dowd then took over the lead from Cooke, holding on to it for about seven laps until Roy came and knocked on the door. While Roy challenged for the lead, Huffman went down for a soil sample and left his teammate to battle with Dowd. After remounting, Huffman would manage to get no further than ninth at the finish line.

Combined with his first moto win, Huffman had enough points to podium in third, however. Dowd grabbed second overall on the strength of 3-2 motos. Although Cook finished the second moto in third, a tepid 14th place in the first moto saw him end the day in ninth overall.

The final round of the 125 East Championship produced a surprise winner in the form of Kawasaki privateer Justin Keeney. The unknown 16-year-old Florida resident surprised everyone by nailing down impressive 2-1 moto results to grab the overall win.

Keeney, who did not figure into the championship because he had not campaigned the first three rounds of the series, had to contend with the Richmond Racing Kawasaki Canada duo Donnie McGourty and Gavin Gracyk for the win. In the first moto, points leader McGourty took the checkers in front of Keeney while in the second moto Keeney took the win ahead of Gracyk. While Johnny Montes (Kawasaki) got the holeshot in moto one, he was not able to stick with the front runners for very long. Montes faded to 13-10 moto finishes to claim 11th overall for the day.

Gracyk got the holeshot in the second moto and looked good for the win until Keeney got into the mix towards the end of the race. Keeney put a pass on Gracyk with two laps to go. Gracyk, however, would have none of it and re-passed his countryman on the last lap. Not to be denied, young upstart Keeney pulled another pass on Gracyk, this time in the final corner before the finish line.

In the second moto, McGourty greeted the checkers in third place. His 1-3 results saw him take to the podium in runner up position behind Keeney. Gracyk, with 3-2 moto results, finished third overall. McGourty clinched enough points to claim the championship; Gracyk finished the season in runner up slot giving Richmond Racing Kawasaki a solid 1-2 punch in the title hunt.

Doug DeHaan, who came to Walton second in the points chase, could not put it together to give McGourty and Gracyk a run for the title. The Thorndale, ON native crashed early on in both motos and had to play catch-up races while his rivals battled up front. BMR Yamaha mounted DeHaan ended ninth overall on the strength of 9-9 moto results. He finished the series with a No.3 ranking.

Media release prepared by Bull’s Eye Media Relations

250 Nationals -- Round 8 of 8

  1. JSR (2-1)
  2. John Dowd (3-2)
  3. Damon Huffman (1-9)
  4. Evan Laughridge (5-4)
  5. Keith Johnson (6-5)
  6. Craig Decker (4-8)
  7. Brad Hagseth (7-6)
  8. Blair Morgan (8-7)
  9. Mitchell Cooke (14-3)
  10. Marco Dubé (13-10)
  11. Doug DeHaan (10-13)
  12. Darcy Lange (15-11)
  13. Colton Facciotti (12-14)
  14. Mike Treadwell (11-15)
  15. Dusty Klatt (9-0)
  16. Simon Homans (16-16)
  17. Kyle Keast (17-17)
  18. Mike Katin (20-18)
  19. Julian Cerny (21-18)
  20. Dave Ginolfi (18-0)

125 East -- Round 4-4

  1. Justin Keeney (2-1)
  2. Donnie McGourty (1-3)
  3. Gavin Gracyk (3-2)
  4. Shane Lusk (5-4)
  5. Pierce Chamberlain (10-5)
  6. Randy Valade (8-7)
  7. Simon Homans (4-14)
  8. Justin Thompson (12-6)
  9. Doug DeHaan (9-9)
  10. Mike Treadwell (7-13)
  11. Johnny Montes (13-10)
  12. Iain Hayden (17-8)
  13. Chuck Mesley (6-0)
  14. Casey Clarke (18-12)
  15. Jason Burke (11-28)
  16. Joel Saarits (37-11)
  17. Kyle Thompson (14-19)
  18. Mike Island (19-15)
  19. Clint Shealey (15-31)
  20. Kaven Gregoire (20-17)