2006 Southeast Motocross Reunion at Rolling Hills

Reidsville, North Carolina -- (July 28, 2006) – Rolling Hills Cycle Park will host the 2006 Southeast Motocross Reunion on August 19th and 20th. Based on the rich racing history of the region, the reunion has been developed as a get-together for some of the motocross legends of the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. The Southeast has always produced smoking-fast racers, as well as life-long friendships. This event is an opportunity to reunite with the fast guys and old friends.

Notable factory riders to come out of the area through the years include Mickey Boone, David Bailey, Billy Liles, Rodney Barr, Ronnie Tichenor, Damon Bradshaw, and more recently, Mike Brown, Shae Bentley, Ricky Carmichael, and James Stewart. Other notable riders with past National success from the region include Tony Summey, Timmy Walker, Todd Harrell, Keith Turpin, Mike Andrews, Kenny Kizzar, Steve Childress, Hank Moree, Jim Chester, Kevin Walker, and Jim Neese. Adding to the competition of the area are local Pro legends such as Ron ‘Wirehead’ Jones, Sam Dayton, Robbie Neeley, Mark Ashworth, Robbie Taylor, Keith Watson, Pro-Am riders like Ricky Shearer, Fred Rorrer, Tim Sexton, Tripp Miller, Will Kimbrell, Glenn Addair, Brian McNeill, Paul Bell and notable amateurs like Todd Benfield, Jeff Bowling, Bobby Houser, Skeeter Bowen, and hundreds of other talented racers who mixed it up with these riders week in and week out.

The 2006 Southeast Motocross Reunion is the chance for all these riders to get together to relive the good old days by bench racing and actually doing a little racing. Events planned for the weekend include Vintage racing, Pit Bike racing, a BBQ cookout/social, and full-on modern motocross! The weekend is billed as the Rolling Hills Classic – ‘Where the MX past meets the MX future’. Saturday events include a Vintage display, BBQ social, and the Stars of the Past Pit-bike Challenge. Saturday’s festivities will lead to Sunday’s Vintage race and a full slate of Pro and Amateur racing featuring the stars of tomorrow (and maybe a few from the past).

Rolling Hills is the perfect locale for the 2006 reunion. The track began hosting motocross races in the 70’s and by 1978 was the number two AMA sanctioned track in the country. The track, owned by Earl and Lois Millsap, has hosted many major events through its history, including many Loretta Lynn’s Qualifiers and Regionals, the Motorcycle Olympiads of the early 80’s, and perhaps most famously, the 1981 AMA Amateur Youth National. It was this legendary event that proved Amateur motocross had hit the big time, and served as the impetus for the formation of the AMA Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National organization and event.

As a longtime cornerstone of Southeastern racing, Rolling Hills has always been a fixture in AMA District 29 (North and South Carolina) and District 13 (Virginia). The track is located just a few miles south of the Virginia border, and has always attracted the best talent from both districts, as well as surrounding areas such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Just about anyone who has raced in the Southeast has great memories of the competition bred by the racers bouncing week to week between Rolling Hills, Lake Sugar Tree, Devil’s Ridge, Montrose, Secession MX, and Metrolina Park. National caliber tracks breed National caliber competition.

Of course, Rolling Hills has always been a favorite of amateur racers. Nearly everyone who has thrown a leg over a motocross bike has ridden there. Memories of Mini racers, B & C class amateurs, and Vet racers are just as big a part of the Rolling Hills lore. All are encouraged to come out and rediscover old friendships and memories created over 30 years of racing.

The track layout at Rolling Hills is very much the same as it was nearly 30 years ago and still features rich and loamy sandy clay. The facility has been receiving updates the last few yearrs under the supervision of the promoter of Boxstar Sports and former National pro, Chad Lough. Jim Neese, a current local National pro rider, has also been involved in the updates to the track. The pit areas have been upgraded and the track widened, with refined obstacles complimenting the natural terrain layout. As a result, the track is safer and better suited than ever for an event the size of the Southeastern Motocross Reunion.

Whether you come to race or not, there will be plenty of fun and action for everyone. The Saturday afternoon Vintage display and bench racing sessions will lead to the BBQ cookout with horseshoes, more lie-telling and a video display. The social should reach into the night with the All-Star pit-bike race on the Rolling Hills night track, and a bonfire for those families who will be camping out. Sunday will feature a full slate of racing on the big track, including Vintage racing.

So far, commitments have been received from Mickey Boone, Rodney Barr, Billy Liles, Hank Moree, and Shae Bentley for the event. Who will be riding Vintage bikes and who will race the Stars of the Past Pit-bike Challenge?


Information on the event can be found at www.rollinghillscyclepark.net. A forum on the website has been set up for riders to contact each other and to blog their Southeastern racing memories. Riders are encouraged to contact Boxstar Sports through the website or by calling 336-346-0032, and to send in or email old photos for inclusion in the video display.