2008 AMA/WMA Women’s National Motocross Round Two – Freestone

Round 2 of 6

When the gate dropped for the first moto of the WMA championships, it was Ashley Fiolek who rocketed out to the first turn first. Following Fiolek was Jessica Patterson and Sarah Whitmore. After two laps were in the books, AF67 and defending WMA champion, Patterson, made it known that they were in a league of their own as they put 10 seconds between themselves and Whitmore, who ran a distant third. Meanwhile, back in the pack, Answer Racing’s Tarah Gieger was working her way up through the field after getting stuck in the gate. As the moto began to wind down, the only action to be found on the track was between Fiolek and Patterson; Jessica was making up time on the 67 machine through the monsterous sand whoops. As the checkered flag made its appearance, Patterson made one last ditch effort to procure the first position over fellow Honda rider Fiolek through the sand whoops. Ashley, however, was able to just edge out Patterson for the moto win. Thirty seconds behind these two was Whitmore. Gieger was able to work her way up to TK from last place, earning herself the Hard Charge Award and a $100.

1. Ashley Fiolek (HON)
2. Jessica Patterson (HON)
3. Sarah Whitmore (SUZ)
4. Sherri Curse (SUZ)
5. Mariana Balbi (KAW)
6. Tarah Gieger (YAM)
7. Ayla Cabus (YAM)
8. Casuandra Regal (HON)
9. Katie McGuire (YAM)
10. Alisa Nix (YAM)

As the women rocketed to the first corner for their second moto, it was once again Ashley Fiolek nabbing the holeshot with fellow Honda rider, Jessica Patterson, right behind her. Fiolek and Patterson were in the midst of resuming their battle from moto 1, until Patterson had a slight bobble and stalled her bike, allowing Ashley to check and Suzuki’s Sarah Whitmore to take over the second spot. Meanwhile, further back in the pack, Tarah Gieger ran into some bad luck when she landed on another rider and was forced to bow out of the race early. Up front, Fiolek was all by herself, with Whitmore in second, and Tatum Sik, who had a disappointing first moto, ran in third place. Once the checkered flag flew, it was Fiolek, Whitmore, Sik, Balbi, and Regal rounding out the top five. Defending WMA champ, Patterson, was unable to regroup from her mistake and finished in the 18th spot.

1. Ashley Fiolek (HON)
2. Sarah Whitmore (YAM)
3. Tatum Sik (KAW)
4. Mariana Balbi (KAW)
5. Casuandra Regal (HON)
6. Sherri Cruse (SUZ)
7. Alisa Nix (YAM)
8. Katie McGuire (YAM)
9. Ayla Cabus (YAM)

1. Ashley Fiolek 1-1
2. Sarah Whitmore 3-2
3. Mariana Balbi 5-4
4. Sherri Cruse 4-6
5. Casuandra Regal 8-5
6. Ayla Cabus 7-9
7. Alisa Nix 10-7
8. Katie McGuire 9-8
9. Jessica Patterson 2-18
10. Tatum Sik 22-3

AMA/WMA Women’s National Championship Points

1. Ashley Fiolek 95
2. Sarah Whitmore 80
3. Jessica Patterson 64
4. Mariana Balbi 61
5 Katie McGuire 59
6. Alisa Nix 56
7. Tatum Sik 56
8. Sherri Cruse 48
9. Tarah Gieger 48
10. Ayla Cabus 46