2008 Outdoor Motocross Nationals – Unadilla

AMA Toyota Motocross Championship presented by FMF
Unadilla, New Berlin, NY
Round 8 of 12 – July 20th, 2008

By Kyle Cowling

The legendary Unadilla Sports Center is one of the oldest tracks on the Outdoor National circuit and one that riders seem to either love or despise. For 2008, the track featured several new changes; the Unadilla crew also brought in some sand in hopes of keeping the track as loamy as possible. However, Mother Nature made an appearance during the second set of motos, keeping the track far from dry. It wasn't only rain that riders and fans had to deal with, but also a gargantuan thunderstorm and winds so strong they were knocking down all of the repeater banners on the track… Oh, and did we mention the weather was so severe that the AMA was forced to red flag the second Lites moto until the skies opened up? Enough about the weather…

In the Lites class, Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki's Ryan Dungey did all he could to put an end to Ryan Villopoto's win streak. RD28 was pushing so hard in fact that he tasted the New Berlin soil in the second Lites moto and handed Villopoto the lead. At the end of the day RV2 walked away with yet another 1-1 finish and extended his points lead to 118 over Dungey. In the Motocross class, James Stewart gave his father his birthday gift as he went 1-1 on the day and continues to go for the perfect season. However, Stewart had his hands full with Cody Cooper throughout the entire second moto. There was a lot of action this weekend, so read on to find out all of the details.


Once the gate dropped on the first Lites moto of the afternoon, Makita/Rockstar/Suzuki pilot Ryan Dungey was credited with the holeshot while MDK/KTM's Martin Davalos and Ryan Villopoto followed suit. However, the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider chose to waist no time and by the conclusion of lap number one RV2 had already found his way into the lead. Just behind the lead pack were Geico Powersports' Josh Grant and DNA Energy Drinks' Kyle Cunningham, who rounded out the top five. While Villopoto and Dungey began pulling away from Davalos, Grant and Cunningham and MDK/KTM's Matt Goerke were beginning to apply pressure on the number 577 machine. Eventually, Davalos would run into mechanical issues that forced his premature departure from the moto, allowing Grant, Cunningham, and Goerke to move up a position. Meanwhile, not too far outside of the top five, was Villopoto's teammate, Brett Metcalfe, who was working his way through the field after a mediocre start. Just behind Metty was Geico Powersports' Trey Canard, who not only reeled in the Australian rider but also made the pass to take over sixth. With only a couple of laps left in the moto, Canard and Metcalfe quickly latched onto the rear fender of Cunningham and Grant to make it a five-way battle with Goerke in the mix as well. Goerke would eventually make a few mistakes that dropped him back to seventh place. As the first Lites moto came to a close, Villopoto took the win with Dungey in second and Grant in third. DNA Energy Drinks' Cunningham has able to hang on for fourth with Canard finishing fifth.

1. Ryan Villopoto (KAW)
2. Ryan Dungey (SUZ)
3. Josh Grant (HON)
4. Kyle Cunningham (HON)
5. Trey Canard (HON)
6. Brett Metcalfe (KAW)
7. Matt Goerke (KTM)
8. Nico Izzi (SUZ)
9. Jake Weimer (HON)
10. Jake Moss (YAM)


In the Motocross class, Monster Energy Kawasaki pilot James Stewart took the holeshot over the 40-rider field and within a two laps Bubba had already put seven seconds between himself and the Michael Byrne, who sat in second. A little bit behind the lead pack was DNA Energy Drinks' Matt Boni and Wonder Warthog rider Chris who ran sixth and seventh, however they had to contend with a hard charging Tim Ferry who would waste no time behind either Boni or Blose and quickly take command of sixth place. Back up front, factory Yamaha extraordinaire Josh Hill was starting to put pressure on Burner. Unfortunately, Hill would bobble, allowing Andrew Short and Ferry and Cody Cooper to slip by. Behind Hill, who sat in sixth, was his teammate Sean Hamblin who was back in action after a rough showing last weekend at Budd's Creek. While Bubba was all but gone, Ferry eventually found his way into third place after battling with Short, who ran third for most of the moto. At the conclusion of the first Motocross moto it was Stewart, Byrne, and Ferry rounding out the top three

1. James Stewart (KAW)
2. Michael Byrne (SUZ)
3. Tim Ferry (KAW)
4. Andrew Short (HON)
5. Cody Cooper (SUZ)
6. Joshua Hill (YAM)
7. Sean Hamblin (YAM)
8. Antonio Balbi (HON)
9. Chris Blose (HON)
10. Nick Wey (KTM)


Grabbing the holeshot in the second Lites moto was Xtreme Kawasaki rider Tommy Hahn, with Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto right behind the 32 machine. Hahn, however, would only temporarily have a clear track before Dungey took over the lead and Villopoto moved into second. Behind Hahn, who was running in the third position, were Trey Canard and his teammate Josh Grant rounding out the top five at the end of lap one. Only 10 minutes into the moto, however, a red flag was waving due to a grandiose size thunderstorm that was producing lightening directly over the track, along with big gusts of wind. After 20 minutes of waiting for the rain to fade away, the Lites class was back on the line…awaiting their restart. At the restart of the second Lites moto, Dungey took yet another holeshot with Martin Davalos and Villopoto only a few bike lengths behind the Suzuki rider. Meanwhile, in 39th place, was Geico Powersports' Jake Weimer who was never able to recover from his poor start. Up front, Dungey was leading the first few laps with a couple of seconds over RV2. However, the Minnesota native took a soil sample and that was all Villopoto needed as he took over the lead with a comfortable gap over Dungey. Deep in the back of the pack was Kyle Cunningham, who finished fourth in the first moto. Cunningham, like Weimer, was unsuccessful moving up to the front of the pack. At the front of the pack, Villopoto put almost 20 seconds between himself and Ryan Dungey with Davalos running third. Although Hahn was unable to replicate his holeshot, he was able to produce one of his best rides thus far, finishing in the seventh spot. At the conclusion of the second Lites moto, Villopoto took the win, Dungey finished second, Davalos held on for third place, Metcalfe grabbed the fourth spot, and Nico Izzi rounded out the top five.

1. Ryan Villopoto (KAW)
2. Ryan Dungey (SUZ)
3. Martin Davalos (KTM)
4. Brett Metcalfe (KAW)
5. Nico Izzi (SUZ)
6. Ryan Sipes (KTM)
7. Thomas Hahn (KAW)
8. Jake Moss (YAM)
9. Matt Goerke (KTM)
10. Kyle Chisholm (SUZ)

Motocross Lites Overall Results:

1. Ryan Villopoto 1-1
2. Ryan Dungey 2-2
3. Brett Metcalfe 6-4
4. Nico Izzi 8-5
5. Josh Grant 3-12
6. Matt Goerke 7-9
7. Jake Moss 10-8
8. Trey Canard 5-13
9. Ryan Sipes 13-6
10. Martin Davalos 29-3
11. Thomas Hahn 15-7
12. Kyle Cunningham 4-19
13. Kyle Chisholm 14-10
14. Matt Lemoine 11-14
15. Andrew McFarlane 18-11
16. Jake Weimer 9-25
17. Justin Brayton 17-15
18. Robert Kiniry 12-28
19. Mike Brown 19-16
20. Phil Nicoletti 16-35

Motocross Lites Overall Points:

1. Ryan Villopoto 391
2. Ryan Dungey 282
3. Brett Metcalfe 231
4. Jake Weimer 199
5. Nico Izzi 183
6. Trey Canard 173
7. Ryan Sipes 153
8. Austin Stroupe 152
9. Kyle Cunningham 127
10. Matt Lemoine 124


While the Motocross class was lining up for their second moto, the rain was yet again moving in and making things very, very wet. Once the 450 machines rocketed out of the gate, it was New Zealander Cody Cooper who took the holeshot with James Stewart just behind him. Josh Hill captured another good start as he ran in the third spot in the early stages of the second moto. Hill, however, ran into some bad luck and eventually finished 24th. By lap seven, Stewart was in the lead, but he found himself with a challenge from Cooper who was consistently running faster lap times than James and put himself within a couple of seconds of the Kawasaki rider. Meanwhile, Andrew Short was a distant third with Tim Ferry in fourth and Michael Byrne in fifth. Like many others, Shorty would eventually make a trip into the mechanics area to pick up a fresh set of goggles; however, he would lose several positions. With four laps left, Stewart made a costly mistake as he hit the ground. Thankfully for Bubba, he was able to quickly pick himself up off the ground and minimize the severity of the situation. Cooper, however, was able to gain a few seconds on the number seven machine, but it wasn't quite enough as James took the win and the overall. Cooper finished a close second place, and is now the only rider to run with Stewart for almost an entire moto. Red Bull Honda's Andrew Short pulled into the mechanics area for a second time with a couple of laps left and never re-entered the track. Byrne was able to capitalize on mistakes made by Short and Ferry to finish third. Antonio Balbi and Matt Boni also made the best of mistakes made by Red Dog to finish fourth and fifth respectively.

1. James Stewart (KAW)
2. Cody Cooper (SUZ)
3. Michael Byrne (SUZ)
4. Antonio Balbi (HON)
5. Matt Boni (HON)
6. Tim Ferry (KAW)
7. Sean Hamblin (YAM)
8. Jack Carpenter (HON)
9. Jacob Morrison (KAW)
10. Jimmy Albertson (HON)

Motocross Class Overall Results:

1. James Stewart 1-1
2. Michael Byrne 2-3
3. Cody Cooper 5-2
4. Tim Ferry 3-6
5. Antonio Balbi 8-4
6. Sean Hamblin 7-7
7. Andrew Short 4-14
8. Matt Boni 14-5
9. Jimmy Albertson 12-10
10. Nick Wey 10-12
11. Joshua Hill 6-24
12. Jack Carpenter 23-8
13. Jacob Morrison 22-9
14. Justin Sipes 17-13
15. Chris Blose 9-37
16. Jacob Marsack 39-11
17. Charles Summey 11-38
18. Jeff Alessi 13-39
19. Chad. Charbonneau 24-15
20. Michael Willard 15-25

Motocross Class Overall Points:

1. James Stewart 400
2. Tim Ferry 280
3. Andrew Short 246
4. Michael Byrne 240
5. Mike Alessi 221
6. Davi Millsaps 203
7. Nick Wey 182
8. Cody Cooper 172
9. Jeff Alessi 151
10. Sean Hamblin 141