2008 Outdoor Motocross Nationals – Washougal

AMA Toyota Motocross Championships presented by FMF
Washougal, WA
Round 9 of 12 – July 27th, 2008

After spending a couple of weeks on the East coast, the AMA Outdoor Motocross Nationals made its way back into the West coast, the Pacific Northwest to be exact. The day at Washougal started off wet as showers made their way through the facility during the first round of practices. Thankfully, the wet weather was only temporary and the riders did not have to contend with another mud race.

In the Lites class, hometown hero Ryan Villopoto was looking to take his first-ever overall win at Washougal. RV2 came close, winning the first moto; however, a determined Ryan Dungey and Trey Canard had other ideas in the second moto. Dungey would claim the top spot on the podium in the second moto with Villopoto taking the runner spot. As for the Motocross class, what else can we say? James Stewart is a man possessed. If you haven't figured it out by now, then yes, Stewart swept the 9th round of the series at Washougal. However, there was plenty of racing action behind the number seven machine. What might be Stewart's only complaint on the weekend? Probably that he'll need to wait two weeks before he can have the opportunity of wrapping up the championship.


As the gate dropped for the first Lites moto of the day, it was Geico Powersports Honda pilot Josh Grant who grabbed the holeshot. Behind Grant was Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki's Ryan Dungey and defending Outdoor National champion Ryan Villopoto in third place. By the time lap number five rolled around, Villopoto made a mad dash towards the front of the field as he passed both Dungey and Grant within a matter of seconds to take control of the lead position. Meanwhile, further back in the pack, Trey Canard was having a rough moto as he fell on the opening lap and was forced to work his way up from 40th place. Back up front, Yamaha pilot Broc Tickle was holding down the fourth spot. However, Tickle was under some serious pressure from both MDK/KTM's Ryan Sipes and Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Brett Metcalfe. Ahead of Tickle, Sipes, and Metcalfe, was Grant; who fell off the pace of RV2 and Dungey to find himself in a lonely third place. About 25 minutes into the moto Tickle, who was running fourth place, made a mistake that dropped him all the way back to 33rd. With the mistake made by Tickle, it allowed Sipes and Metcalfe to take over the fourth and fifth spot. Sipes and Metty had a battle all their own in the closing stages of the moto, swapping positions several times before the checkered flag made its appearance. As the moto came to a close, it was Villopoto, Dungey, Grant, Sipes, and Metcalfe

1. Ryan Villopoto (KAW)
2. Ryan Dungey (SUZ)
3. Josh Grant (HON)
4. Ryan Sipes (KTM)
5. Brett Metcalfe (KAW)
6. Jake Weimer (HON)
7. Nico Izzi (SUZ)
8. Martin Davalos (KTM)
9. Robert Kiniry (HON)
10. Kyle Cunningham (HON)


In the Motocross class, privateer Cody Cooper was able to capture the holeshot and the early lead. Unfortunately for Cooper, Monster Energy Kawasaki's James Stewart wasted zero time behind the Suzuki pilot as he quickly took command of the lead before the conclusion of the opening lap. Just behind Cooper was Red Bull Honda's Andrew Short and Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki rider Michael Byrne. Short and Burner were both able to make quick work of Cooper to take over the second and third spot, dropping the New Zealand native back to fourth. While Bubba began to check out, James' teammate Tim Ferry was not having the same luck. Ferry suffered from a terrible start and spent the entire moto trying to search for the top 10. Factory Yamaha rider and hometown hero Josh Hill not only earned himself a good start, but also he managed to run a solid fifth place for the entire moto. As the moto came to a close, Stewart took yet another moto win with Short and Byrne rounding out the podium. The number 15 machine of Ferry was able to come all the way back to 11th place after all was said and done.

1. James Stewart (KAW)
2. Andrew Short (HON)
3. Michael Byrne (SUZ)
4. Cody Cooper (SUZ)
5. Joshua Hill (YAM)
6. Jimmy Albertson (HON)
7. Jeff Alessi (HON)
8. Sean Hamblin (YAM)
9. Chris Blose (HON)
10. Billy Laninovich (KTM)


As the Washougal crowd watched the 40 fastest Lites riders barrel through the first turn of the second Lites moto, it was Geico Powersports' Trey Canard who came away with the holeshot. Just behind Canard was MDK/KTM's Matt Goerke and moto one winner; Ryan Villopoto had a rough opening lap as he tipped over in one of the Washougal turns. Luckily for Villopoto, the mistake didn't cost him much time. While Goerke ran second, Ryan Dungey made quick for of the KTM rider to take over second place and began working on Canard. RV2 was able to catch Goerke and move into third place; thus began a three-way battle between Canard, Dungey and Villopoto. It was apparent that the 48 machine of Canard didn't have enough speed to hold off the hard charging Dungey as RD28 made his way into the lead. However, for RV2, Canard would prove to be a difficult task to conquer, which allowed Dungey some breathing room for the time being. Once Villopoto did work his way around the Honda pilot, he set his sights on Dungey. While Dungey seemed to ride his own race, he was inadvertently creating more pressure on the Washington native, Villopoto. It was evident that RV2 was frantic to find his way around Dungey as the Kawasaki rider was making mistake after mistake. Eventually, with only two laps to go, the defending Outdoor National champion had an issue with his goggles, which allowed the factory Suzuki of Dungey to open up some breathing and not only take the moto win, but also the overall on the day.

1. Ryan Dungey (SUZ)
2. Ryan Villopoto (KAW)
3. Brett Metcalfe (KAW)
4. Josh Grant (HON)
5. Ryan Sipes (KTM)
6. Jake Weimer (HON)
7. Nico Izzi (SUZ)
8. Matthew Goerke (KTM)
9. Kyle Chisholm (KAW)
10. Robert Kiniry (HON)

Motocross Lites Overall Results:

1. Ryan Dungey 2-1
2. Ryan Villopoto 1-2
3. Josh Grant 3-4
4. Brett Metcalfe 5-3
5. Ryan Sipes 4-5
6. Jake Weimer 6-6
7. Nico Izzi 7-7
8. Robert Kiniry 9-10
9. Matthew Goerke 12-8
10. Kyle Chisholm 11-9
11. Kyle Cunningham 10-11
12. Martin Davalos 8-15
13. Jake Moss 13-14
14. Phillip Nicoletti 17-12
15. Andrew McFarlane 16-13
16. Wil Hahn 15-17
17. Mike Brown 19-16
18. Thomas Hahn 15-17
19. Tucker Hibbert 18-19
20. Broc Tickle 33-18

Motocross Lites Overall Points:

1. Ryan Villopoto 438
2. Ryan Dungey 329
3. Brett Metcalfe 267
4. Jake Weimer 229
5. Nico Izzi 211
6. Ryan Sipes 187
7. Trey Canard 173
8. Joshua Grant 153
9. Austin Stroupe 152
10. Kyle Cunningham 148


At the drop of the gate for the second moto of the Motocross class Cody Cooper, once again, took another holeshot with James Stewart right behind him. Just like the first moto, however, Stewart quickly made his way around Cooper to take over the lead. Short, like Stewart, also made his way around the 902 machine to take control of the second spot. Cooper ran in the third spot for a long while, however, Michael Byrne was beginning to put a lot of pressure on Cooper for third. Burner and Cooper scrapped for over half of the moto before Byrne was able to find his way into the third spot. Meanwhile, behind the lead pack, Tim Ferry was having a much better showing; working his way into sixth place. Once things came to a close, it was Stewart with the win followed by Short, Byrne, Cooper, and local boy Josh Hill rounding out the top five.

1. James Stewart (KAW)
2. Andrew Short (HON)
3. Michael Byrne (SUZ)
4. Cody Cooper (SUZ)
5. Joshua Hill (YAM)
6. Tim Ferry (KAW)
7. Jimmy Albertson (HON)
8. Sean Collier (KAW)
9. Jeff Alessi (HON)
10. Antonio Balbi (HON)

Motocross Class Overall Results

1. James Stewart 1-1
2. Andrew Short 2-2
3. Michael Byrne 3-3
4. Cody Cooper 4-4
5. Joshua Hill 5-5
6. Jimmy Albertson 6-7
7. Jeff Alessi 7-9
8. Tim Ferry 11-6
9. Antonio Balbi 13-10
10. Billy Laninovich 10-14
11. Nick Wey 14-11
12. Sean Collier 38-8
13. Sean Hamblin 8-31
14. Chris Blose 9-33
15. Charles Summey 39-12
16. Justin Sipes 12-36
17. Paul Carpenter 24-13
18. Bobby Bonds 16-18
19. Ryan Clark 40-15
20. Kevin Rookstool 15-28

Motocross Class Overall Points

1. James Stewart 450
2. Tim Ferry 305
3. Andrew Short 290
4. Michael Byrne 280
5. Mike Alessi 221
6. Cody Cooper 208
7. Davi Millsaps 203
8. Nick Wey 199
9. Jeff Alessi 177
10. Joshua Hill 170