2008 Southwick Race Report

AMA Toyota Motocross Championships presented by FMF

Southwick, MA

Round 11 of 12 – August 24th, 2008

It was a sunny and warm day in the sand of Southwick, and even though titles in both the Lites class and Motocross class have been clinched, the racing action went on as if nobody yet won a championship.

With temperatures well into the mid 80s on Sunday morning, Geico Powersports Honda's Josh Grant duplicated Saturday's performance, as he was once again the fastest Lites rider on the track. Grant set a 1:58.624, which was a second faster than Ryan Dungey's best time and two seconds faster than Ryan Villopoto's best effort. "The track smooth in both of this mornings practices sessions, so everybody was running the same pace," explains Villopoto when asked about the track conditions in the mornings practice sessions. As fore the Motocross class, James Stewart was the fastest man on the track in the timed practice sessions. Behind Stewart, Marc De Reuver was the next best guy. De Reuver was only a second off Bubba's pace, however.

As for the racing action, in the Lites class, Villopoto was looking to regain the top spot on the podium after losing to Dungey at both Washougal and Millville. In the Motocross class, Stewart was clearly going to be virtually impossible to beat, however, if De Reuver could get himself a start, many thought he would be able to run with Bubba. If you're curious to see what happened in the Southwick sandbox, read on for all of the racing details and highlights…

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As the first Lites moto of the day rounded the first turn, Ryan Villopoto was burried in the back of the pack.

It was time to go racing in Southwick, Massachusetts and with the 30 second board turned sideways the racing action was underway. Once the gate dropped on the first Lites moto of the afternoon, it was Geico Powersports Honda's latest edition to the team, Blake Wharton, who took the holeshot and the early lead. Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto suffered from a horrible start and as the field rounded the first turn, Villopoto was at least 20th. However, RV2 quickly squared up the first corner to make his way around almost all of the riders he was behind. Meanwhile, behind the early leader, Wharton, were Brett Metcalfe and Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki's Ryan Dungey. Although, Villopoto quickly made his way up to the lead pack and moved his way around Dungey to take over third. Wharton did his best to fend off the pressure of RV, Metcalfe and Dungey; however, Villopoto was able to make a pass on the Honda pilot on lap four to take control of the lead, which was the beginning of the end for the rest of the field. Metcalfe and Dungey followed in the foot steps of RV, making their way around Wharton, dropping the Honda pilot to fourth. Meanwhile, a ways behind the top four was Xtreme Kawasaki's Kyle Chisholm, who was riding a respectable fifth place throughout the 35-minute moto. As the opening Lites moto came to a close, it was Villopoto taking a convincing moto win; following RV2 was teammate Metcalfe (who just edged out Dungey at the checkered flag), Dungey took third, Wharton hung tough for fourth place in only his third professional start and Chisholm rounded out the top five.

1. Ryan Villopoto (KAW)

2. Brett Metcalfe (KAW)

3. Ryan Dungey (SUZ)

4. Blake Wharton (HON)

5. Kyle Chisholm (KAW)

6. Jake Weimer (HON)

7. Matt Lemoine (YAM)

8. Dan Reardon (HON)

9. Steven Clarke (SUZ)

10. Robert Kiniry (HON)


Zach Osborne made his depature from America to race on the other side of the pond recently, however, Osborne found his way back to the states for Southwick. Zach would go 32-11 for 15th overall in the Motocross class.

In the Motocross Class, Monster Energy Kawasaki pilot, James Stewart, led the 40-rider field around the first turn and, with that said, Bubba wasted no time putting distance on the rest of the field. Behind Stewart were Red Bull Honda's Andrew Short and Ivan Tedesco. Factory Honda rider for this weekend only, Marc De Reuver, from the Netherlands, didn't receive the best of starts; however, De Reuver seemed to charge his way through the field and up to third place with what looked like little to no effort whatsoever. Meanwhile, early front-runner, Tedesco, was slowly fading as each lap went on, eventually rounding out the moto in 13th. MDK/KTM's Matt Goerke put forth an impressive ride in only his second National on the big 450, working his way into the top five. Factory Yamaha's Josh Hill ran into some more bad luck when he was forced to bow out of the moto prematurely due to mechanical issues. Back up front, Bubba was getting ready to capture yet another moto win with Short a distant second place. De Reuver, who looked like he may have been able to threaten Stewart if it weren't for a poor start, was slowly catching Shorty. Unfortunately, the Belgian rider would run out of the time. As the checkered flag came out it was Stewart with the win; following Stewart was Short and De Reuver.

1. James Stewart (KAW)

2. Andrew Short (HON)

3. Marc De Reuver (HON)

4. Tim Ferry (KAW)

5. Matthew Goerke (KTM)

6. Sean Hamblin (YAM)

7. Cody Cooper (SUZ)

8. Jeff Alessi (HON)

9. John Dowd (SUZ)

10. Antonio Balbi (HON)


Villopoto found his way back to the top of the podium this weekend. RV2 has been without an overall win since Unadilla.

After a short intermission, the Lites riders were again lining up for their second moto of the day. After a quick sighting lap, the gate dropped on the final moto for the Lites field and it was moto win winner, Ryan Villopoto, who took the holeshot and the early lead. Blake Wharton, who was the holeshot winner in the first moto, went down in the first turn along with his teammate, Jake Weimer. Joining Wharton and Weimer in the first turn crash was Wil Hahn along with a couple of privateers. Back up front, Villopoto was beginning to check out. Following RV2 was Ryan Dungey and MDK/KTM's Ryan Sipes. Second place finisher in moto 1, Brett Metcalfe, made a quick pass on Sipes to take over third place. Meanwhile, Loretta Lynn's graduate turned Xtreme Kawasaki team rider, PJ Larson suffered a mechanical issue what would force him to call it quits. Also running into some bad luck was Troy Racing's, Jeremy Medaglia. Back up front, Kyle Cunningham was having a good showing aboard his new Xtreme Kawasaki ride, running just outside of the top five. Although he went down in the first turn, Weimer came back from 39th all the way to 9th by the end of the moto. Once things came to an end, Villopoto was able to score a win in moto two, which would be RV's first overall win since Unadilla. In the second position was Dungey, followed by Metcalfe.

1. Ryan Villopoto (KAW)

2. Ryan Dungey (SUZ)

3. Brett Metcalfe (KAW)

4. Ryan Sipes (KTM)

5. Kyle Chisholm (KAW)

6. Kyle Cunningham (KAW)

7. Nico Izzi (SUZ)

8. Dan Reardon (HON)

9. Jake Weimer (HON)

10. Jake Moss (YAM)

Overall Results:

1. Ryan Villopoto 1-1

2. Ryan Dungey 3-2

3. Brett Metcalfe 2-3

4. Kyle Chisholm 5-5

5. Jake Weimer 6-9

6. Dan Reardon 8-8

7. Nico Izzi 11-7

8. Matt Lemoine 7-12

9. Ryan Sipes 38-4

10. Blake Wharton 4-28

AMA Toyota Motocross Lites Championship Standings (After 11 or 12 rounds):

1. Ryan Villopoto (535/8 wins)*

2. Ryan Dungey (418/2wins)

3. Brett Metcalfe (347)

4. Jake Weimer (286)

5. Nico Izzi (254)

6. Ryan Sipes (210)

7. Kyle Cunningham (191)

8. Trey Canard (173)

9. Josh Grant (173)

10. Kyle Chisholm (170)


Thus far, James Stewart has gone undefeated this summer. Stewart has won every moto and every overall leading into next weekends final stop at Steel City Raceway. Bubba will try joining Ricky Carmichael in the record books next weekend as the second rider in history to pull off a perfect season.

In the final moto of the day, James Stewart took another holeshot and, in typical Bubba fashion, began to check out from the rest of the field. Meanwhile, Andrew Short ran into some trouble when he found himself down in the first turn. At the end of lap one, Cody Cooper was in second place, followed by Jeff Alessi, Josh Hill, and hometown hero, John Dowd. Monster Energy Kawasaki's Tim Ferry made things hard for himself after failing to capture a good start. However, that didn't stop Red Dog from working his way all the way into the top five by the end of the moto. While Alessi would slowly slip backwards, Hill was working his way up, eventually making it into the third spot. Marc De Reuver found himself a start similar to moto one; however, De Reuver's second moto was cut short after taking a soil sample. Matt Goerke, who finished fifth in the first moto, was looking to move himself into a podium position; unfortunately, the KTM rider ran into some issues when his bike locked up. Matt was visibly disappointed in the matter as he threw his goggles on the ground and dropped his bike in the mechanics area. Meanwhile, back up front, Bubba had plus 30 seconds on Cooper, who sat second. Dowd's experience in the Southwick sand was more than enough to land him a top five finish. At the conclusion of the second Motocross moto it was Stewart, Cooper, and Hill rounding out the podium.

1. James Stewart (KAW)

2. Cody Cooper (SUZ)

3. Joshua Hill (YAM)

4. Tim Ferry (KAW)

5. John Dowd (SUZ)

6. Sean Hamblin (YAM)

7. Michael Byrne (SUZ)

8. Jeff Alessi (HON)

9. Andrew Short (HON)

10. Nick Wey (KTM)

Overall Results:

1. James Stewart 1-1

2. Cody Cooper 7-2

3. Tim Ferry 4-4

4. Andrew Short 2-9

5. Sean Hamblin 6-6

6. John Dowd 9-5

7. Jeff Alessi 8-8

8.Michael Byrne 11-7

9. Josh Hill 37-3

10. Marc De Reuver 3-36

AMA Toyota Motocross Championship Standings (After 11 of 12 rounds)

1. James Stewart (550/11 wins)*

2. Tim Ferry (370)

3. Andrew Short (362)

4. Michael Byrne (341)

5. Cody Cooper (266)

6. Nick Wey (246)

7. Jeff Alessi (231)

8. Mike Alessi (221)

9. Josh Hill (208)

10. Davi Millsaps (203)