2008 WMA Motocross Championships – Southwick

WMA Motocross Championships

Southwick, MA

Round 5 of 6 – August 23rd, 2008

 Although the women of the WMA may have been absent from racing since Washougal in late July, they certainly have not been bored. During the break between Washougal and Southwick, the women competed in the first-ever Women's Moto X Supercross race at X Games 14. Fan favorite and Puerto Rico native Tarah Gieger came away with the gold medal and ton of confidence to carry on over into this weekends events. Although TG68 was looking to grab a win this weekend, Jessica Patterson and Ashley Fiolek were ready to redeem themselves after experiencing crashes and bad luck at X Games.

 With a tore up track and the blazing sun beating down on the riders, the girls took to the Southwick sand to do battle in the fifth round of the WMA championships. Check out the highlights from Saturday's first moto…

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Once the gate dropped for the beginning of the ladies first moto, it was none other than Ashley Fiolek who captured the holeshot. Fiolek lead the a majority of the opening lap, however, once the field received the green flag, defending WMA champion, Jessica Patterson had moved her way around AF67 to take command of the lead. Just behind the Honda duo was Sarah Whitmore and Sherri Cruse. X Games Women's Moto X gold medalist, Tarah Gieger, had her work cut out after she suffered from a poor start. While Patterson wasted no time putting a few seconds between herself and Fiolek, Whitmore washed out in a corner, dropping back a couple positions, which allowed Cruse to slide into the third spot. Just as Gieger was beginning to move up through field, she landed on a downed riders bike, which pushed her rear brake lever into her cases. TG68 would be forced to make a pit spot in hopes of correcting the issue. Eventually, however, Gieger would make her way back onto the track but far, far behind the lead pack. At the conclusion of the moto, it was Patterson taking a convincing moto win followed by Fiolek and Cruise, rounding out the top three.

Moto 1 Results

1. Jessica Patterson (HON)

2. Ashley Fiolek (HON)

3. Sherri Cruse (SUZ)

4. Marissa Markelon (SUZ)

5. Sarah Whitmore (SUZ)



After a quick sighting lap, the second moto was underway and it was Ashley Fiolek taking the holeshot. Behind Fiolek were Jessica Patterson, Sherri Cruse, Tarah Gieger, and Sarah Whitmore. AF67 did all she could to put some distance between herself and Patterson; however, JP wasn't letting Ashley get too far ahead. With several laps already in the books, the defending WMA champion, Patterson finally found an opening and made her way around Ashley to take control of the lead. Meanwhile, behind the two leaders, Cruse was riding a lonely third and Whitmore had made her way around Gieger to take the fourth spot. Fourth place finisher in the first moto, Marissa Markelon, didn't get the greatest of starts and eventually rounded out the second moto in 19th. As the moto came to an end, Patterson took the moto win and the overall followed by Fiolek and Cruse.


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Moto 2 Results:

1. Jessica Patterson (HON)

2. Ashley Fiolek (HON)

3. Sherri Cruse (SUZ)

4. Sarah Whitmore (SUZ)

5. Tarah Gieger (YAM)


WMA Overall results:

1. Jessica Patterson 1-1

2. Ashley Fiolek 2-2

3. Sherri Cruise 3-3

4. Sarah Whitmore 5-4

5. Tarah Gieger 6-5


WMA Overall Points Standings (After 5 of 6 rounds)

1. Ashley Fiolek 231

2. Jessica Patterson 203

3. Sarah Whitmore 173

4. Sherri Cruse 160

5. Tarah Gieger 155