2008 WMA/AMA Motocross – Washougal

AMA Toyota Motocross Championships presented by FMF
Washougal, WA
Round 4 of 6 – July 26th, 2008

It's been a while since we've last seen the stars of the WMA on the track. In fact, the last time we witnessed the likes of Ashley Fiolek, Jessica Patterson, and Tarah Gieger was at Thunder Valley, a little over a month ago. This weekend, however, the girls made their return to Washougal for the fourth round of the WMA Motocross Championships. The women made their appearance late in the day, on a very rough and slick Washougal track; however, the track conditions didn't put a damper on some great racing action between Jessica Patterson and Ashley Fiolek.


As the gate dropped on the first moto of the WMA, it was Honda pilot Ashley Fiolek who came away with the holeshot. However, defending WMA champion Jessica Patterson made a pass on Fiolek to take command of the lead with only a few turns in the books. Meanwhile, fan favorite Sarah Whitmore washed out in a corner and had to work her way up through the field from last place. Up front, Patterson slid out in one of the slick Washougal corners, which allowed Fiolek to regain the lead for a second time. By the time Patterson was able to pick herself up off the ground, AF67 had opened up a comfortable five-second cushion. A little bit behind the lead group was the battle for fifth place between Tarah Gieger and Tatum Sik. Geiger, who didn't receive the best of starts, had an all out battle with Sik; however, Gieger was able to out will Sik to take over the fifth position. At the conclusion of the first 15 minute moto, it was Fiolek taking yet another win, Patterson second, and Cruise rounding out the podium.

1. A. Fiolek
2. J. Patterson
3. S. Cruise
4. M. Balbi
5. T. Gieger
6. T. Sik
7. A. Nix
8. S. Whitmore
9. E. Bash
10. A Cabus



Once the girls took the track for their second moto on Sunday morning, it was Jessica Patterson who came away with the holeshot. Just behind Patterson were Sarah Whitmore and Ashley Fiolek. Third place finisher in moto one, Sherri Cruse suffered a crash in the second moto and was forced to work her way up through the field from last place. Up front, Patterson was able to put a few seconds between herself and Fiolek. Yamaha's Tarah Gieger managed to grab a start up front and began battling with Whitmore for third place. Eventually, Gieger was able to find her way around the Michigan native and pull away. Unfortunately for Whitmore, her problems were not over as Balbi began putting pressure on the number 89 Suzuki. As the moto came to a close, Patterson took the checkered flag followed by Fiolek, Gieger, Whitmore (who was able to hold onto fourth), and Balbi.

1. J. Patterson
2. A. Fiolek
3. T. Gieger
4. S. Whitmore
5. M. Balbi
6. A. Nix
7. V. Florentino
8. E. Bash
9. A Dunn.
10. T. Sik

WMA Overall Results

1. J. Patterson 2-1
2. A. Fiolek 1-2
3. Tarah Gieger 5-3
4. M. Balbi 5-5
5. S. Whitmore 8-4
6. A. Nix 7-6
7. S. Cruse 3-12
8. T. Sik 6-10
9. E. Bash 9-8
10. A. Dunn 12-9