By: Austin White

The racing action spanned two days at Arizona Cycle Park for the 2013 USA Sport AMA Western Pro Am.  Two days to earn AMA advancement points and two days to earn some cash. ACP offers many different challenges to even the best riders: sand, multiple elevation changes,  and off cambers   No matter what the challenges, Thomas Covington proved to have the track dialed by taking the overall win in both the 250A and Open A classes. But that did not stop others from getting into the mix.

Covington had the 1-1 in the 250A class but Cole Martinez and Jaisaac Sloan battled for 2nd and 3rd.  Martinez won this class last year on a borrowed bike and he was trying to repeat this year.  Once again he was on a borrowed KXF 250 that was undersprung but you wouldn't know it by watching him ride. Martinez went 2-3 on the day.

Jaisaac Sloan grabbed the holeshot in moto 1 and looked to have things in control. Martinez got by him and Covington shortly thereafter.  After the moto Sloan said he had a flat and was trying to nurse it home. The Justin Buckelew trained youngster rode a solid second moto and finished behind Covington and secured 3rd overall.

Other than Covington's 1-1 the 250A class had some parity with some varied finishes. Kyle Swanson locked up 4th overall with a 3-4 and Colton Keeling rounded out the top five with a 5-5.

The Open A class was no less exciting. Thomas Covington again won the overall, but he had to put in some work. He had a poor gate choice in moto one and while trying to force a good start, he went down in the second corner. Getting up and remounting while the pack left him behind made no difference. He was making up a couple seconds a lap while running some very unique, and effective, lines.  He charged up to finish second in the moto.  Moto 2 looked a lot easier. Holeshot and win.  He won by about a 40 second margin! More points and cash going to team Covington!

The only man that held off Covington's first moto charge was Kinser Endicott. He also had a bad start in moto 1 but was able to charge to the lead and get past holeshot winner James Gardiner.  With a moto one win and a 3rd in the second moto, Endicott brought home some hardware for second overall.

James Gardiner was close to the overall win. He had the lead in moto 1 but said he started to ride tight which allowed Endicott and Covington to get by.  Gardiner rebounded in moto 2 with a second place finish to secure third overall.

The 250A and Open A were the main events of the weekend, but there was plenty of amateur racing too. The up and comers in the 250B class was dominated by Mark Worth up until an untimely get off in his last moto. The FMF 2-Stroke challenge is the fun race that everyone stops to line the fences and watch. From beginners to aspiring pros, everyone was represented. The 2013 AMA Western Pro Am is an event not to be missed.