2014 Budds Creek MX | Baggett Tops 250 Class

Photos by Jeff Kardas

2014 Budds Creek MX | 250 Race Report

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Blake Baggett | 3-1 | First Overall

2014 Budds Creek MX

Blake Baggett has never been known for exceptional starts, and the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider was ninth off of the jump in moto one. His moves through the pack came slowly at first, but in the middle of the moto it was apparent that Baggett was en route to the front of the field. Baggett's best laps (also the fastest of the class overall) came in the final three laps of the race, and allowed him to turn the chase for the lead into a three-rider brawl on the last lap. The tight pack would cross the finish line within a second and half of each other, with Baggett coming in third place.

Baggett improved his start by two spots in moto two, and this allowed for him to quickly move into fourth by the end of the first full lap. After launching the triple step-over by Anderson, Baggett moved into third place and began to hound Pourcel for second position. After a lengthy spell, Baggett found a way around the Yamaha rider's defensive style, moved into second place, and went to work on the gap built by Jeremy Martin. In just a short time, Baggett decimated the once five second gap and took over the lead in the last minutes of the moto. Late-moto charges have long been Baggett's strong suit, and his final laps were nearly two seconds quicker than Martin's were on the same lap. Although only moments were left on the clock, Baggett ratcheted the pace even higher and crossed the finish line 14.866 seconds ahead of Martin, taking the dominate moto win and overall for the day.

Jeremy Martin | 2-2 | Second Overall

2014 Budds Creek MX

Jeremy Martin jumped to a fourth place start in the first moto, but a stellar pack of competitors made the race a challenge for the Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha's rider. He spent much of the moto looking for a way around Christophe Pourcel, with their contrasting methods on the bike creating a unique ebb and flow on the course. Both would make their share of small mistakes and exchanged the spot, but Martin made his lasting pass for second place cleanly through the inside while descending Henry Hill. After a few smalls run-ins, Martin passed Justin Bogle for second place and locked onto leader Jason Anderson for the final minutes of the moto. As the moto wound down, Anderson and Martin were joined by Blake Baggett in a battle for the lead, but the running order did not differ from this at the checkered flag.

Jeremy Martin jumped to the early lead in moto two and used the clear track ahead to build what was at one point an eight second gap. Unfortunately, Martin's speed began to taper off just as title rival Blake Baggett began a charge and the current 250 point leader was overtaken for the spot with just minutes left in the race. The damage done to championship was minimal, since Martin's pair of 22 point motos allowed Baggett to shave only one marker on the margin.

Jason Anderson |1-7| Third Overall

2014 Budds Creek MX

Jason Anderson made it through the tight hairpin first turn in third place and took advantage of a mistake by Christophe Pourcel to slip by for second place. After two laps, Anderson was on par with leader Justin Bogle and pushed his Rockstar Energy Racing KTM near its limits to take the lead. The clear track ahead let Anderson put in a series of stellar laps and his gap over the field was up to nearly eight seconds in the final half of the moto. But soon after Anderson's lead was at its largest, it began to quickly dwindle and was cut to less than three seconds on the final lap. Despite the immense pressure from title contenders Martin and Baggett, Anderson held onto the spot until the final feet of track and scored the first moto win of his career.

Anderson was again near the front in the second moto, but came under fire from Baggett early in the race and dropped to fourth place. The Rockstar Energy Racing KTM rider dropped a few more positions down the order as the race continued, but fought valiantly for each spot lost. While his pace was markedly slower than his first moto, Anderson's win was enough to offset the seventh place finish in moto two and earn him third overall on the day.

Christophe Pourcel | 6-3 | Fourth Overall

2014 Budds Creek MX

Christophe Pourcel made another display of the horsepower produced by the all-new YZ250F by taking the holeshot of his Valli Motorsports Yamaha ride over the full field of racers. The Frenchman would fall back to third place after two laps, then developed an intense battle for the position with Jeremy Martin. Despite a handful of mistakes made by both riders, Pourcel held off the point leader on the rough racetrack until a pass on the downside of Henry Hill shuffled the running order once more. A mellow pace caused Pourcel to slip down the running order in the latter portion of the race, and he eventually crossed the finish line in sixth place.

Pourcel was once again in prime position off the start of the second moto, trailing Jeremy Martin through the first laps, but soon had Baggett vying for his position. The battle raged for the majority of the race, with Pourcel finally conceding the position in the final third of the timed race. Getting up from early was beneficial for Pourcel, as he was able to stay far ahead of a fast pack behind him that battled with one another for each inch on the track.

Cooper Webb | 5-4 | Fifth Overall

2014 Budds Creek MX

One look at the running order in the opening laps of any moto proved how critical the start was at Budds Creek. The tight left-hand hairpin made it easy for someone starting on the inside to get the holeshot and all but guaranteed a poor jump would bury a rider in the pack. Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha's Cooper Webb came was scored outside the top-ten on the opening lap, but a push that lasted the duration of the moto allowed him to pass many of the riders ahead and move into fifth place.

Webb was eighth off of the start in the second moto and followed Blake Baggett through the pack in the opening laps, but lost sight of the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider and turned his attention to Jason Anderson. Webb would eventually get by the first moto winner, but at this point the gap between himself in fourth and Baggett in third was eight seconds. With fourth place locked down, Webb cruised through the final laps and took the position, giving him fifth overall on the day.

Overall Results
1. Blake Baggett 3-1
2. Jeremy Martin 2-2
3. Jason Anderson 1-7
4. Christophe Pourcel 6-3
5. Cooper Webb 5-4
6. Justin Bogle 4-5
7. Justin Hill 13-6
8. Cole Seely 10-9
9. Anthony Rodriguez 9-10
10. Marvin Musquin 8-14
11. Jessy Nelson 15-8
12. Dean Wilson 7-16
13. Alex Martin 14-13
14. Matt Lemoine 11-17
15. Matt Bisceglia 26-11
16. Zach Bell 17-15
17. Kyle Cunningham 31-12
18. Joey Savatgy 12-22
19. Kyle Peters 16-18
20. Brady Kiesel 18-19
2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 250 Class (After 14 of 24 motos)
1. Jeremy Martin 294pts (6 moto wins)
2. Blake Baggett 267pts (5 moto wins)
3. Cooper Webb 261pts (2 moto wins)
4. Justin Bogle 225pts
5. Christophe Pourcel 211pts
6. Jason Anderson 206pts
7. Marvin Musquin 201pts
8. Cole Seely 166pts
9. Justin Hill 150pts
10. Jessy Nelson 144pts