2014 Indiana MX | Musquin Tops 250 Class

2014 Indiana MX | 250 Class Race Report

Photos by Jeff Kardas

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Marvin Musquin | 3-1 | 1st Overall

With a 14th fastest qualifying time, Red Bull KTM's Marvin Musquin had a less than ideal gate pick in moto one. Given such circumstances, the Frenchman powered through the slop to come around the first lap sitting in fourth, right behind Geico Honda's Zach Bell. Musquin kept on the rear wheel of the Honda rider for a couple of laps until the elements claimed Bell, which pushed Musquin into the third spot. By the time he had done so, Jessy Nelson and Jeremy Martin were too far gone to catch.

For moto two, Musquin had a slightly better start, thanks in part to a better gate pick. After rounding the track, the Red Bull KTM rider sat pretty far behind in third place. Nelson had once again grabbed the holeshot, but was being challenged by Joey Savatgy. The two swapped positions a couple times, which allowed Musquin to catch up to them. Another mistake by Nelson bumped Musquin up to second, and all that was left was that final spot. Savatgy kept Marvin at bay for half of the race, but he just couldn't match Musquin's speed. With a 3-1 score, Musquin grabbed his second overall finish this season.

Joey Savatgy | 4-3 | 2nd Overall

Like most riders in his class, Rockstar Energy KTM's Joey Savatgy had decided to skip out on the second practice of the day, due to the extreme weather conditions that hit Ironman Raceway. By doing so, Savatgy had set himself up with a 17th gate pick. It wasn't the best, but he made it work. Being that Savatgy's contract expires this year, he needed some good results to help him find a job for 2015, and that's exactly what he did. After the gate dropped for moto one, Savatgy sat in fifth, and only a couple seconds ahead of his teammate, Jason Anderson. With Bell running into some problems and falling back a few positions, Musquin and Savatgy each moved up in position, putting the Rockstar Energy KTM rider in fourth. Savatgy held onto this position for the remaining of the moto.

Savatgy once again grabbed another great start, and put himself into second, right behind Jessy Nelson. When it seemed that the Troy Lee Designs rider was going to start pulling away, a crashed allowed Savatgy to get right back on the rear wheel of Nelson. With an opportunity to take control of the lead ahead of him, Savatgy quickly made the pass on Nelson, and became the new race leader. Halfway through the moto, though, Savatgy started to get some company from Musquin. Savatgy fought hard to hold onto the position, however the lead was stripped away from him. It wasn't all over for the Rockstar KTM rider, though, as the other Frenchman of Christophe Pourcel was starting to put on a charge. With two laps to go, Pourcel bumped Savatgy back to third, but his 4-3 performance was enough to give him a second place finish overall.

Jessy Nelson | 1-8 | 3rd Overall

One thing that Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda's Jessy Nelson has been missing all summer was starts. You would have never guessed that, though, because he came ripping off the line in moto one, securing the holeshot and putting him just a few bike lengths ahead of Jeremy Martin. With each lap, Nelson looked calm in the top spot, and this confidence allowed him to consistently put some time on the Yamaha rider. When the checkers came out, Nelson cruised over the finish line with a 14 second gap.

It was almost déjà vu in moto two as another great start by Nelson gave him an additional holeshot. Nelson quickly had some pressure from Rockstar Energy KTM's Joey Savatgy, but it seemed as if the TLD rider had things under control as he once again started to build up some time. After three laps, the treacherous braking bumps that littered the track kicked Nelson off the bike, however he was still able to keep the bike running during the mishap. Unfortunately for Nelson, the accident had allowed Savatgy to catch back up. The KTM rider quickly took the lead away from him, and Nelson seemed to bobble more and more, which pushed him back into eighth by the time the race ended. Nelson thought the two scores knocked him off the podium; however, the 1-8 combo gave him a third place overall finish.

Christophe Pourcel | 9-2 | 4th Overall

When Christophe Pourcel got off the gate in dead last, the rest of the moto wasn't looking too bright. One thing Pourcel is known for, though, is his way to navigate a track, and that's exactly what was needed for the subpar track conditions. As laps started to tick down, the crafty Frenchman picked off riders one by one until he miraculously found himself inside of the top 10. By the time the checkers came out, Pourcel's impressive performance landed him in ninth.

For Pourcel, any start that was better than dead last was a definite improvement, and this time he made his job significantly easier by grabbing ahold of forth, right off the bat. With Troy Lee's Jessy Nelson running into some problems out on the track, Pourcel found it rather easy to get around the Honda rider. Once he moved into third, Pourcel had some work to do, as both Marvin Musquin and Joey Savatgy had put some great distance on him. With the two-lap board up in the air, Pourcel had finally caught the Rockstar Energy rider and started to quickly gain some ground on Musquin. With a couple corners left before the finish, the Valli Yamaha rider went all out to pass Musquin, however he was unable to do so. With a 9-2 finish, Pourcel narrowly missed out on the podium with a fourth place overall finish.

Cooper Webb | 5-6 | 5th Overall

The Yamaha boys looked to be dialed in on the slick Indiana mud as Jeremy Martin, Christophe Pourcel, and Cooper Webb had all qualified first, second, and third, respectively. Before the first moto, Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha's Cooper Webb admitted that he's always felt comfortable in the mud because they had plenty of it in North Carolina. However, struggles in the first moto set him back to sixth. It was a decent finish, but not one that he was not looking for.

What Webb was looking for was a better performance in moto two, however, a crash on the first lap knocked him back just outside of the top 10. This didn't seem to completely hinder the Yamaha rider, as he quickly got back up and started to go to work on catching the riders ahead of him. By the time the two-lap board came out, Webb had worked his way all the way up to sixth.

Overall Results
1. Marvin Musquin 3-1
2. Joey Savatgy 4-3
3. Jessy Nelson 1-8
4. Christophe Pourcel 9-2
5. Cooper Webb 5-6
6. Dean Wilson 8-6
7. Alex Martin 7-7
8. Jeremy Martin 2-15
9. Jason Anderson 5-10
10. Blake Baggett 14-4
11. Justin Bogle 12-9
12. Cole Seely 10-13
13. Shane McElrath 15-11
14. Chris Alldredge 16-12
15. Nick Gaines 11-30
16. Cole Martinez 13-31
17. Zach Bell 27-14
18. Mike Stender 17-19
19. Jace Owen 33-16
20. Kody Kamm 23-17
2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 250 Class (After 22 of 24 motos)
1. Jeremy Martin 450pts (8 moto wins)
2. Blake Baggett 381pts (5 moto wins)
3. Cooper Webb 379pts (3 moto wins)
4. Marvin Musquin 374pts (3 moto wins)
5. Christophe Pourcel 355pts (1 moto win)
6. Justin Bogle 331pts
7. Jason Anderson 270pts
8. Cole Seely 244pts
9. Jessy Neslon 238pts (1 moto win)
10. Dean Wilson 204pts