2014 Indiana MX | Roczen Wins 450 Class

2014 Indiana MX | 450 Class Race Report

Photos by Jeff Kardas

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Ken Roczen | 1-2 | 1st Overall

With only two races left in the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series, things had been heating up between Ken Roczen and fellow teammate Ryan Dungey. Before the gate dropped for the first motos of the day, only seven points had separated the two riders, and with an element like rain thrown into the mix, there was a good chance things could have been mixed up in the championship hunt. When the gate plopped into the Indiana mud for the first race of the day, Roczen powered his way into the lead, ahead of Trey Canard and Oldenburg. Lap after lap, the German showed his prowess in the disastrous track conditions by opening up a huge gap, and crossed the finish line with a 40-second lead on second place and teammate, Dungey.

Things almost worked out just as well in moto two for the Red Bull KTM rider as he entered the first turn just a few bike lengths behind Canard. Roczen quickly jumped onto the rear wheel of Canard, but a crash on the second lap had let Canard slip away. Roczen did all he could to reel back in the Muscle Milk Honda rider, however, he was unable to do so. By going 1-2 at the first ever Indiana National, Roczen secured the overall win, and put some more points between him and his teammate.

Trey Canard | 3-1 | 2nd Overall

With each new round, Muscle Milk Honda's Trey Canard has been steadily improving on his finishes. After his first moto win last weekend in Unadilla, Canard brought some fire to the Indiana National. A ninth place gate picked wasn't exactly what he was looking for in moto one, however, the track conditions didn't give any rider any real advantage as all 40 riders had to plow their way through the mucky start straight. Once the riders exited the first turn, Canard found himself in second, just behind Red Bull KTM's Ken Roczen. Canard tried to match Roczen's pace in the 30-minute plus two-lap moto, however, Ryan Dungey edged him out of the position halfway through the race. Still, Canard was able to finish in third.

Canard admitted that he wasn't much of a mud rider, but you would have never known that as he rocketed out of the gate in moto two. After grabbing the holeshot, the Muscle Milk Honda rider experienced some brief pressure from Ken Roczen, but that pressure quickly fizzled out when the German rider had a tip over on the second lap. This allowed Canard to put some much-needed distance between himself and Roczen. For a short moment of time, it looked as if Roczen was going for a charge as he slowly started to chip away at the time gap, but such efforts started to fade away as the moto went on, allowing Canard to build back up his time gap. Canard grabbed his second moto win of the season, and the 3-1 score gave him second overall.

Ryan Dungey | 2-9 | 3rd Overall

Headed into Indiana, Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey was in the perfect position in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship hunt, as he trailed his teammate Ken Roczen by only seven points. Momentum seemed to be on Dungey's side, however; the weather that struck Crawfordsville, Indiana, put a damper on the championship hunt. Anything can and typically will happen during a mud race, but when Dungey worked his way up to second after a top 10 start, it seemed as if things were playing out as they have been for the past few rounds. Once the moto came to a close, Dungey wasn't able to close the 40-second gap on his teammate, however; a second place finish didn't let Roczen walk away with too many points.

Things did not go so well for Dungey in the second moto, though. As Canard and Roczen sprinted away from the start, Dungey found himself just outside of the top 10. Unlike the previous moto, though, the Red Bull KTM rider was unable to make the passes needed to catch the front pack. This was most likely due to the deteriorating track conditions and low visibility caused by the mud. A ninth place finish wasn't exactly what Dungey was looking for, which was apparent by the disappointed look in his face. However, the 2-9 performance did award him with a third place overall finish.

Ryan Sipes | 10-3 | 4th Overall

After 10 years of racing professionally, it came as a surprise to many when Ryan Sipes announced his retirement from motocross and Supercross at the end of 2013. It turned out that Sipes started to pursue a racing career in GNCC, but then decided to fill in for the then injured Davi Millsaps this outdoor season. With the less than ideal conditions that are usually found throughout many of the GNCC courses, Sipes looked to be right at home at Ironman Raceway, as he put in a solid 10th place ride in the first moto.

Sipes still had some more left in the tank for moto two, and this time a spectacular start launched him straight into third, right behind Trey Canard and Ken Roczen. Sipes was off by himself in third with no one really that close behind, but then a bobble sent him to the ground. This allowed Weston Peick to make the pass, however, Sipes regained control of third not too long after. It was all smiles and hugs for the Rockstar Energy KTM camp as Sipes rolled across the finish in third, and getting a fourth place overall finish.

Andrew Short | 8-4 | 5th Overall

You can almost always rely on BTO Sports KTM's Andrew Short for some consistent top 10 finishes. Since the beginning of the outdoor season, Shorty has always been outside of the top five, but the mud race looked as if it could've thrown consistency out of the window for any rider. However, the harsh conditions didn't seem to play too big of a factor for Short as he crossed the finish line in eighth in moto one.

Shorty came out swinging in moto two with a fifth place start. The BTO Sports rider maintained that position for a few laps until RCH/Soaring Eagle/Suzuki's Weston Peick robbed him of the position on the fifth lap. Short put up a fight and regained control shortly after. When the two-lap board was drawn, Short had moved his way up one more position, and secured fourth. The 8-4 finish supplied him with a five place overall finish.

Overall Results
1. Ken Roczen 1-2
2. Trey Canard 3-1
3. Ryan Dungey 2-9
4. Ryan Sipes 10-3
5. Andrew Short 8-4
6. Chad Reed 7-6
7. Eli Tomac 4-10
8. Josh Grant 12-6
9. Fredrik Noren 9-8
10. Matt Goerke 8-11
11. Weston Peick 11-7
12. Brett Metcalfe 5-13
13. Ben Lamay 13-12
14. Kellian Rusk 15-14
15. Shane Sewell 18-16
16. Heath Harrison 14-20
17. Chris Proscelle 24-15
18. Ronnie Stewart 18-19
19. Todd Krieg 28-17
20. Tucker Saye 20-18
2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 450 Class (After 22 of 24 motos)
1. Ken Roczen 494pts (8 moto wins)
2. Ryan Dungey 474pts (6 moto wins)
3. Trey Canard 418pts (2 moto win)
4. Brett Metcalfe 304pts
5. Eli Tomac 281pts (2 moto wins)
6. Andrew Short 278pts
7. Weston Peick 268pts
8. Josh Grant 243pts (1 moto win)
9. James Stewart 226pts (3 moto wins)
10. Chad Reed 185pts