2014 Monster Energy Cup | Timed Qualifying Report

2014 Monster Energy Cup | Timed Qualifying

2014 Monster Energy Cup | Timed Qualifying Report

The field is set for the 2014 Monster Energy Cup at Sam Boyd Stadium, as the entire afternoon comprised of qualifying sessions for the night show. We saw a number of surprising instances in the numerous practice sessions, especially in the Pro class results, which creates even more anticipation for tonight’s main event action.

Need an idea of what to watch for tonight? Take a look at our preview from earlier this week for our thoughts and predictions.

Turn your television to FOX SPORTS 2 for the night's racing as it unfolds 9:00PM ET/6:00PM PT. Be sure to check your local listings for complete details on FOX SPORTS 2. The race will be aired again in its entirety on Sunday afternoon at 1:00PM ET/10:00AM PT on FOX SPORTS 1. Alright, let's get to the real preview, where we've complied the top picks for the weekend off of the small list of "confirmed" riders on the Monster Energy Cup website.

It's worth noting Ken Roczen and Ryan Villopoto are not competing at all. Sorry that some of the photos are months old, but seeing everyone in new threads on new bikes makes this weekend even better.

Check out our complete coverage for the 2014 Monster Energy Cup from the day's leading up the event…

Best believe we will be at the track all weekend, and you can catch what we see through our Instagram account @twmxdotcom

Monster Energy Cup Pro Class

Although riders were given three sessions on the track, (one short untime , two long timed), only one actually had an major impact on the results. The track crew reworked the surface between the timed sessions, which has sat baking in the sun for days, and their watering efforts turned the surface sloppy. So the top of the field was essentially set off of the first timed practice, where Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna's Jason Anderson notched the fastest time of the day at 1:10.610. Justin Barcia was just a touch of this pace, as the newest JGRMX/Toyota/NFAB/Yamaha rider clicked off a 1:10.620. Team Honda's Trey Canard stayed near the top of the chart for every lap, and a 1:10.626 time put him right in the hunt. Justin Hill was placed in the "B" group for the afternoon, but the Red Bull KTM rider managed to clock a 1:10.672 for fourth overall. This weekend marks Blake Baggett's competition debut for Yoshimura Suzuki, and his 1:10.724 time put him fifth on the chart.

Dylan Ferrandis, the MX2 rider for the French team at the recent MXON, was a late entrant into the event and the MEC serves as his first major Supercross style race. The teenager has learned the curve shockingly well, and his 1:10.809 was the sixth fastest overall time of the day.

After a rough crash in the first timed practice, Cole Seely has opted out of racing tonight's event.

Only the top eighteen riders qualified directly into the night show, and the final spots were be decided by an LCQ this afternoon. Weston Peick, Matt Goerke, Mike Alessi, Josh Grant, Zach Osborne, Copper Webb, Jimmy Albertson, and Nick Wey were among the entrants in this race.

Monster Energy Cup Pro Class Timed Qualifying Results

1. Jason Anderson 1:10.610
2. Justin Barcia 1:10.620
3. Trey Canard 1:10.626
4. Justin Hill 1:10.672
5. Blake Baggett 1:10.724
6. Dylan Ferrandis 1:10.809
7. Davi Millsaps 1:10.898
8. Chad Reed 1:10.917
9. Dean Wilson 1:10.967
10. Eli Tomac 1:11.123
11. Jake Weimer 1:11.123
12. Ryan Dungey 1:11.181
13. Andrew Short 1:11.222
14. Malcolm Stewart 1:11.270
15. Justin Brayton 1:11.352
16. Cole Seely 1:11.410
17. Brett Metcalfe 1:11.485
18. Josh Hill 1:11.650

Monster Energy Cup Pro Class LCQ Results

1. Josh Grant
2. Cooper Webb
3. Weston Peick
4. Zach Osborne

Amateur All-Stars Timed Qualifying Results

1. Jordan Smith 1:13.083
2. Aaron Plessinger 1:13.901
3. Zac Commans 1:14.577
4. Darian Sanayei 1:14.768
5. Rookie White 1:15.547
6. Ryan Surratt 1:15.568
7. Jon Ames 1:15.735
8. Robbie Wageman 1:15.781
9. Bradley Taft 1:15.806
10. Benny Bloss 1:16.017
11. Tristan Miller 1:16.070
12. Alex Frye 1:16.257
13. Lorenzo Locurcio 1:16.276
14. Marchal Weltin 1:16.385
15. Tristan Charboneau 1:16.428
16. Chase Marquier 1:16.779
17. Cole Barbieri 1:16.893
18. Cody McCulloch 1:16.893
19. Josh Cartwright 1:16.992
20. Julio Zambrano 1:18.480
21. Carlen Gardner 1:18.831

SuperMini Class Timed Qualifying Results

1. Mitchell Falk 1:17.054
2. Chase Sexton 1:18.280
3. Derek Drake 1:19.002
4. Joey Crown 1:19.025
5. Garret Marchbanks 1:19.286
6. Ciaran Naran 1:19.491
7. Carson Mumford 1:19.507
8. Lance Kobusch 1:19.720
9. Kim Savaste 1:19.809
10. Carson Brown 1:20.170
11. Brock Papi 1:20.867
12. Dylan Woodcoch 1:21.381
13. Casey Keast 1:12.613
14. Jarrett Frye 1:22.251
15. Caleb Grothues 1:22.540
16. Zane Merrett 1:22.762
17. Parker Mashburn 1:22.878
18. Tanner Ward 1:24.412
19. Hannah Hodges 1:24.458
20. Justin Rodbell 1:24.565
21. Christoper Fortier 1:25.088
22. Jack Rogers 1:26.011
23. Matthew Gross 1:26.779

KTM JR SX Challenge Timed Qualifying Results

1. Preston Masciangelo 1;45.067
2. Julien Beaumer 1:45.677
3. Lux Turner 1:46.251
4. Donavan Hanson 1:47.243
5. Colton Trouille 1:48.148
6. Bryson Buller 1:49.806
7. Reed Vogan 1:49.904
8. Wryder Huffman 1:52.856
9. Jackson Glathar 1:54.856
10. Peyton Crisp 1:58.080