2014 Motocross Buyer’s Guide: Riding Gear

As much as we'd all like to deny it, motocross is a fashion-fickle sport. Bright colors and flashy designs define our industry and, as James Stewart so eloquently put it, "Look good, feel good…ride good!"

Motocross apparel has come a long, long way from the early days of leather pants with honey-bun padding sewn into the hips, and gear of today is both good-looking and technical. Sweat-wicking fabrics, ergonomic cuts, stretch panels and heat-resistant panels are the norm, and with every set, you'll find countless great options featured in the photos that follow.

Chill Voltron pant
Chill Voltron jersey
Thor Flux jersey
Thor Flux pant
Alias A1 jersey
Alias A1 pant
Alias A2 jersey
Alias A2 pant
O'Neal Hardware jersey
O'Neal Hardware pant
O'Neal Element jersey
O'Neal Element pant
Answer Racing Syncron jersey
Answer Racing Syncron pant
Answer Racing Alpha jersey
Answer Racing Alpha pant
One Indsustries Vapor jersey
One Indsustries Vapor pant
One Industries Atom jersey
One Industries Atom pant
Moose Sahara jersey
Moose Sahara pant
Moose M1 pant
MSR NXT jersey
MSR NXT pant
MSR AXXIS jersey
AXO Lightning jersey
AXO Lightning pant
Shift Strike jersey
Shift Strike pant
Shift Faction jersey
Shift Faction pant
Seven Rival jersey
Seven Rival pant
JT Racing Lazor Hyperlite jersey
JT Racing Lazor Hyperlite pant
Troy Lee Designs GP jersey
Troy Lee Designs GP pant
Troy Lee Designs SE Pro jersey
Troy Lee Designs SE Pro pant
Fly Racing F-16 jersey
Fly Racing F-16 pant
Fly Racing Hydrogen jersey
Fly Racing Hydrogen pant
Fox Racing 360 jersey
Fox Racing 360 pant
Fox Racing jersey
Fox Racing pant
Thor Phase jersey
Thor Phase pant
DC Moto jersey
DC Moto pant
Moose M1 jersey

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