2014 Motocross Of Nations | Kickstart

2014 Motocross Of Nations | Kickstart

Our apologies for getting Kickstart from the 2014 Motocross of Nations up a day later than promised. This year’s running of the international event took place at Zelta Zirgs, a gorgeous track that is carved into the rural landscape of Kegums, Latvia, and we spent hours at the track compelling news and photos from the weekend. The extra days in the Baltic country were amazing, as we toured around the nation’s capital of Riga then joined Team USA’s Eli Tomac and Jeremy Martin at a local test track, all of which has been documented on the site. Friday was our first day in the pits, and that too was featured in a miniature Kickstart that we published just before the gates dropped for Saturday’s qualifying motos.

Everything coalesced on Sunday, when the final three races clicked off in just a few hours time and spawned the endless bench racing debates that will rage until next year’s MXON. While you can form your opinion on the performance of Team USA and the event, you can also hear exactly what the racers had to say about the competition, track, and their third place finish on the weekend.

During the weekend, Youthstream announced where the next three Motocross of Nations will be held: Ernee, France in 2015, Maggiora, Italy in 2016, and the United States in 2017. While most of you will wait until the world’s best riders come to America in 2017, likely competing on the hills of Glen Helen, we stress that you take in the event when it is held in Europe. Not only are you able to see the action in a historic venue, but you’ll be able to experience the different cultures alongside rabid fans from around the world.

If those links dropped into the paragraphs above weren’t obvious enough, here’s a complete rundown of our coverage from the 2014 Motocross of Nations in Kegums, Latvia…

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