2014 Motocross Of Nations | Saturday Free Practice

2014 Motocross Of Nations | Saturday Free Practice

Riding has begun at the 2014 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations in Kegums, Latvia, with Saturday's sessions on the track involving three free practice sessions early in the morning (one for each class) and three qualifying motos taking place later this afternoon (again, one for each class). Speculation of who where place where was rampant in the weeks leading up to now, and the results of the recently completed free practice session will only fuel the talk. Mind you, the lap times from the forty minutes riders spent on the track have no effect on gate picks for this afternoon's qualifiers, because the random draw conducted this morning decided that this morning. Have a look at the chart below to see just where your favorite countries were placed…

2014 Motocross Of Nations | Saturday Free Practice

As you can see, the random draw put many of the powerful countries deep in the order, while Israel managed to snag the top pick in their first-ever MXON.

Want to watch the races as they occur live this weekend? MXGP TV is offering a pay-per-view package that will show all of the action on Saturday and Sunday, and CBS Sports will broadcast full, albeit tape delayed coverage later on Sunday morning in the United States.

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MXGP Class Free Practice

Rains late last night soaked the Zelta Zirgs circuit, and despite the sandy soil, the early laps of the MXGP free practice were heavy and slow. The track developed lines midway through the lengthy session and helped to set a surprising order in the timed charts. Aleksandr Tonkov of Russia posted the fastest time of the group with a 1:46. 259 on his eighth lap, while Gautier Paulin of France nabbed the second spot with a 1:46.725. Germany's Max Nagl and Belgium's Jeremy van Horebeek were separated by just .006 seconds on the clock, with Nagl just edging van Horebeek. Chad Reed of Australia, riding a bike outfitted with Ohlins Suspension, was fifth.

Ryan Dungey clicked off the most laps of the session with a staggering eighteen full circuits, but was unable to crack the top-ten.

MXGP Class Free Practice Times

1. Aleksandr Tonkov (Russia) 1:46.259
2. Gautier Paulin (France) 1:46.725
3. Max Nagl (Germany) 1:47.753
4. Jeremy van Horebeek (Belgium) 1:47.759
5. Chad Reed (Australia) 1:48.408
6. Shaun Simpson (Great Britain) 1:48.593
7. Rui Goncalves (Portugal) 1:48.703
8. Matiss Karro (Latvia) 1:48.864
9. Valentin Guillod (Switzerland) 1:49.156
10. Filip Bengtsson (Sweden) 1:49.480
11. Ryan Dungey (USA) 1:49.533
12. Ceriel Klein Kromhof (The Netherlands) 1:50.311
13. Jose Butron (Spain) 1:50.340
14. Davide Guarneri (Italy) 1:50.356
15. Ben Lamay (Puerto Rico) 1:51.546

MX2 Class Free Practice

Antonio Cairoli's decision to drop from the MXGP class to MX2 is already proving to be wise move, as the Italian rider blasted to the top of the order in free practice. The battle for the fastest time in the session was intense, as the eight-time World Champion traded the position with recently crowned AMA 250 National titlist Jeremy Martin, with both riders posting their best laps late in the session. The MX2 moto could be one of best to watch later today, as a number of very young and accomplished riders make up the class. Great Britain's Tommy Searle also made the decision to drop from a 450 bike to a 250 for the weekend, and he netted the third fastest lap of the practice over Glenn Coldenhoff of The Netherlands. Dylan Ferrandis of France completed the top-five.

American Alex Martin is once again competing for Puerto Rico at the MXON, and he was eighth fastest in the session.

MX2 Class Free Practice Times

1. Antonio Cairoli (Italy) 1:46.510
2. Jeremy Martin (USA) 1:47.025
3. Tommy Searle (Great Britain) 1:48.110
4. Glenn Coldenhoff (The Netherlands) 1:48.333
5. Dylan Ferrandis (France) 1:48.504
6. Jeremy Seewer (Switzerland) 1:50.067
7. Harri Kullas (Estonia) 1:50.091
8. Alex Martin (Puerto Rico) 1:50.158
9. Luke Clout (Australia) 1:50.328
10. Pauls Jonass (Latvia) 1:50.542
11. Julien Lieber (Belgium) 1:50.944
12. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Denmark) 1:51.023
13. Jorge Zaragoza (Spain) 1:51.658
14. Vsevolod Brylyakov (Russia) 1:51.904
15. Henry Jacobi (Germany) 1:51.991

Open Class Free Practice

The fastest lap of the morning came in the final practice of the day, with American Eli Tomac turning a 1:45.310 aboard his Open class machine. Steven Frossard was second in the lineup, with the French rider clocking a 1:46.038. Tomac and Frossard were the only two riders in the session to dip below the 1:47 mark, but the next five riders in the rank (Dean Wilson, Kevin Strijbos, Tim Gajser, Tanel Leok, Arnaud Tonus) finished within one second of each other.

Open Class Free Practice Times

1. Eli Tomac (USA) 1:45.310
2. Steven Frossard (France) 1:46.038
3. Dean Wilson (Great Britain) 1:47.371
4. Kevin Strijbos (Belgium) 1:47.444
5. Tim Gajser (Slovenia) 1:47.616
6. Tanel Leok (Estonia) 1:47.830
7. Arnaud Tonus (Switzerland) 1:47.874
8. Marc de Reuver (The Netherlands) 1:48.496
9. Matt Moss (Australia) 1:49.145
10. David Philippaerts (Italy) 1:49.736
11. Fredrik Noren (Sweden) 1:50.130
12. Dennis Ullrich (Germany) 1:50 452
13. Stefan Kjer Olsen (Denmark) 1:50.768
14. Tyler Medaglia (Canada) 1:51.704
15. Ander Valentin (Spain) 1:51.786