2014 Spring Creek MX | Jeremy Martin Wins 250 Class

1. Jeremy Martin | 1-2 | 1st Overall

With the momentum and a home track advantage on his side, Jeremy Martin entered the weekend as the heavy favorite. The Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider fulfilled the expectations by starting the first moto near the front of the pack and then making short work of GEICO Honda's Justin Bogle to move into second place by the conclusion of the opening lap. With the always-cunning Christophe Pourcel leading the way, Martin spent the first moments of the moto looking for a chance to make the pass, which ultimately came near the Martin family estate when the championship leader blasted into the lead while negotiating the sand rollers. A massive lead was quickly built and by the end of the 16-lap moto, Martin was 10.288 seconds ahead of second place.

Jeremy Martin completed the opening lap of the second moto in sixth place, which he accredited to getting bottled up in the pack off of the start. The issue allowed teammate Webb to blast by, effectively putting Martin's two rivals Blake Baggett and Webb in contention to upset his overall score. With little time to waste, Martin picked apart the competition and was soon up to third, partially due to a crash and DNF by Baggett. A pass on Justin Bogle in the final ten minutes would advance Martin to second place, but there was simply no catching the leader in the limited time remaining. Despite this, Martin clicked off a series of solid laps and shrunk the gap slightly, but would still cross the finish line in second place. A slight look of disappointment for being unable to sweep the day was on Martin's face, but the news of his overall victory changed the hometown hero's attitude by the time he reached the podium.

2.Marvin Musquin | 2-4 | 2nd Overall

Marvin Musquin has used unique scores to land podium finishes at Spring Creek in the past, and the same applied to the Red Bull KTM rider's run in 2014. A solid start put him near the front pack in the first moto, but he and Justin Bogle were both passed while contending for third place by Dean Wilson. Musquin was undeterred by the pass and soon retaliated at the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider. The two riders spent much of the race swapping the position, with Musquin finally making his pass stick in the final 10 minutes of the moto. Once he had inched away from Wilson, Musquin engaged in a battle with Pourcel for second place and claimed second place in the final two laps on the track.

Rough first laps put Musquin eighth in the early moments of the second moto, but speed, skill, and the misfortune of others helped usher the Red Bull KTM rider up the running order. Passes on Joey Savatgy and Alex Martin earned him positions, while DNFs by Baggett and Bogle granted him another two spots. His fastest laps came near the halfway point and at one point put him up to third, put a late race pass by Jason Anderson would score him fourth at the final flag. When matched against the inconsistent scores of his competition, Musquin's 4-2 rides earned him enough points to take second overall on the day.

3. Cooper Webb | 9-1 | 3rd Overall

Cooper Webb climbed through the pack in the first three laps of the moto and was soon locked in a battle with Justin Bogle for fifth place. The Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider's style on the bike was aggressive, but an overeager inside line sent him running into Bogle at the bottom of a Millville hill. Despite a quick remount, the closeness of the pack dropped him to seventeenth and he spent the remainder of the racing working his way back up the running order. Quick lap times were a tremendous help to Webb's results, and he would eventually finish in ninth place.

Webb would be the victim of a poor start in moto two, but used swift passes against the condensed pack to reach fourth place by the end of the first lap. When Baggett dropped from the race and Pourcel slipped back, Webb and Justin Bogle began a fight for the lead. The spot would ultimately go to Webb, after he barreled around an outside line in a fast corner. Once in front, there was simply no catching the sophomore star and he would score his second moto win of the season. The victory gave his overall scores a much needed boost, as he would end the day ranked third overall.

4. Christophe Pourcel | 3-6 | 4th Overall

Christophe Pourcel charged out of the gate to take the holeshot aboard his Valli Motorsports Yamaha, but was soon feeling pressure from title contender Jeremy Martin. A wide line by Pourcel allowed Martin the chance to slip by for the lead, but did little to shake Pourcel's confidence. After running much of the moto alone, Pourcel scrapped with fellow French racer Marvin Musquin for second place through the final laps, but would drop to third by the checkered flag.

Pourcel paired his first moto holeshot with another on the second gate drop, and this time the returning racer held the lead for much longer. After feeling pressure from Blake Baggett over a number of laps, Pourcel simply went high in a banked corner and allowed the charging race to take the spot. His mechanic commented that his racer's fitness is not at one hundred percent, and this was reflected as he drooped to sixth at the checkered flag. No matter, Pourcel's podium in the first moto was enough to earn him fourth overall in the class.

5. Dean Wilson | 5-5 | 5th Overall

A early surge by Dean Wilson pushed the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider by Bogle and Musquin and up to third place in the first laps of the moto, but this was just the starting point of a long war between the Kawasaki and KTM pilots. The two exchanged passes for the position for a number of laps, with each stretching out a small lead only to get caught once again by their newfound foe. Wilson would drop from the battle to fourth place in the last moments of the moto, but this ceasefire allowed Blake Baggett the chance to strike on his PC teammate. Unable to fend off the late-race charge, Wilson slipped to fifth place at the checkered flag.

Dean Wilson started the second moto in tenth place, but worked over the course of the moto to climb to fifth by the final flag. The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider's race was rather uneventful, but he spent nearly all of the 16 laps making passes on his competition. After an injury upset the start of Wilson's summer, the top-five finish and fifth overall is a season best ride.

Overall Results
1. Jeremy Martin 1-2
2. Marvin Musquin 2-4
3. Cooper Webb 9-1
4. Christophe Pourcel 3-6
5. Dean Wilson 5-5
6. Jason Anderson 11-3
7. Joey Savatgy 8-9
8. Alex Martin 12-7
9. Cole Seely 7-13
10. Jessy Neslon 14-8
11. Zach Bell 10-12
12. Anthony Rodriguez 13-10
13. Blake Baggett 4-33
14. Matt Bisceglia 16-11
15. Justin Bogle 6-32
16. Jace Owen 18-14
17. Shane McElrath 17-15
18. Matt Lemoine 15-31
19. Vann Martin 24-16
20. Dakota Tedder 38-17
2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 250 Class (After 14 of 24 motos)
1. Jeremy Martin 341pts (7 moto wins)
2. Cooper Webb 298pts (3 moto wins)
3. Cooper Webb 261pts (5 moto wins)
4. Christophe Pourcel 246pts
5. Marvin Musquin 241pts
6. Justin Bogle 240pts
7. Jason Anderson 236pts (1 moto win)
8. Cole Seely 188pts
9. Jessy Nelson 164pts
10. Justin Hill 150pts