2014 Spring Creek MX | Tomac Wins Big In Millville

Photos by Jeff Kardas

2014 Spring Creek MX | 450 Race Report

1. Eli Tomac | 1-1 | 1st Overall

Since his return to racing just a few rounds ago, GEICO Honda's Eli Tomac has displayed his readiness to match the pace of the 450 class frontrunners, and a win seemed almost inevitable by the end of the season. But in 450 moto one, Tomac was able to do the one thing that has kept him from locking in a moto victory: He passed both riders of the dominant Red Bull KTM squad. Tomac's third-place start placed him in great contention from the get-go, but soon after the first corner he made his way past Ryan Dungey to take over second. Roczen has been nearly unstoppable once securing a lead, but lap-by-lap Tomac closed in on the German who held down first and began to pressure him for the lead around the halfway point of the moto. The two battled back and forth to the delight of the Minnesota fans, but following a final dive bomb pass attempt, Tomac slid into first and pulled away to take his first 450 moto win of his career.

In 450 moto two after a first start was called back due to a malfunctioning gate, Tomac grabbed his second holeshot of the moto. Justin Brayton quickly stole the lead away but Tomac didn't hesitate to take it right back, and he slowly inched away from Dungey in second place to eventually take the win and his first 450 overall.

2. Ryan Dungey | 3-2 | 2nd Overall

In need of a critical performance at his home track to keep the championship hunt within reach, Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey jumped off the gate in 450 moto one and rounded the first turn leading the way in search of victory on the familiar soil. But just as it looked as if the Minnesota native might take advantage of the clear track in front of him and please the Millville crowd, his teammate Ken Roczen snatched the lead away and dropped Dungey back to second. Dungey didn't have an answer, and soon after Eli Tomac worked his way around the number 5 and pushed Dungey back even further. Dungey fell off the pace of the leaders and settled into third where he finished the moto. Following the race, Dungey stated that mistakes and a crash were to blame for his inability to hang with Roczen and Tomac.

Another start toward the front of the pack put Dungey back in a position to go for the win in moto two, but Tomac's holeshot had given the Honda rider the slight advantage. Dungey kept Tomac honest the entire moto, but between a couple faster laps from Tomac and some issues with lappers, Dungey was unable to reel him in and took second.

3. Ken Roczen | 2-4 | 3rd Overall

450 class points leader Ken Roczen has proved himself as the man to beat after seven of 12 rounds, and immediately after his second-place start he resumed his business as frontrunner by seizing the lead from his teammate Ryan Dungey, looking as if he would easily run away with the win. But Eli Tomac has plans of his own, and after a lengthy battle with the number 3, Roczen relinquished first place and let the win slip from his grasp as Tomac pulled away. Roczen finished in second.

The next moto proved more difficult for Roczen, and a mediocre start left Roczen making passes as quick as possible to get up front with the leaders. Roczen soon found himself in third behind Tomac and Dungey, but after pulling the pair in and riding the rear fender of his teammate Dungey, Roczen dropped off the pace. Tomac and Dungey slipped away, and Roczen eventually dropped back even further and into fourth when Trey Canard passed him to take over third.

4. Trey Canard | 4-3 | 4th Overall

Team Honda Muscle Milk's Trey Canard jumped off the gate and found himself running in fourth after the first turn behind Dungey, Roczen, and Tomac, but Canard wasn't quite able to match the pace of the top three from the beginning. Canard settled into fourth and held onto that position until the checkered flag waved.

Canard worked his way around Dungey early in moto two but dropped back to fourth after both Dungey and Roczen advanced past. Canard fell back letting the two KTMs get away momentarily, but he kept on the gas and eventually caught back up to Roczen, taking back third place and pulling away to end the day with fourth overall.

5. Josh Grant | 5-5 | 5th Overall

JGRMX/Toyota/N-FAB/Yamaha's Josh Grant began his first moto of the day outside the top five and worked his way up to sixth behind Brett Metcalfe. Grant trailed the Australian for several laps, but within the final moments of the race he was able to make the pass and secure fifth.

Grant backed his fifth in moto one with a fifth in moto two, ultimately securing a top five on the day in Millville, Minnesota.

Overall Results
1. Eli Tomac 1-1
2. Ryan Dungey 3-2
3. Ken Roczen 2-4
4. Trey Canard 4-3
5. Josh Grant 5-5
6. Brett Metcalfe 6-6
7. Andrew Short 9-7
8. Weston Pieck 8-8
9. Fredrik Noren 11-10
10. Matt Goerke 12-11
11. Justin Brayton 10-15
12. Christian Craig 19-9
13. Mitch Oldenburg 16-12
14. Ben LaMay 15-13
15. Chad Reed 14-14
16. James Stewart 7-40
17. Ryan Sipes 13-34
18. Paul Coates 23-16
19. Heath Harrison 25-17
20. Ronnie Stewart 17-38
2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 450 Class (After 14 of 24 motos)
1. Ken Roczen 367 (7 moto wins)
2. Ryan Dungey 343 (3 moto wins)
3. Trey Canard 302
4. James Stewart 226 (3 moto wins)
5. Brett Metcalfe 222
6. Josh Grant 218 (1 moto win)
7. Weston Peick 188
8. Andrew Short 187
9. Eli Tomac 168
10. Chad Reed 146