2014 Unadilla MX | 250 Class Race Report

Photos by Jeff Kardas

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Christophe Pourcel | 1-2 | First Overall

2014 Unadilla MX | Christophe Pourcel

Yamaha riders Christophe Pourcel and Cooper Webb charged into the first turn aboard their factory Yamaha tuned machines, with Pourcel just edging the young racer at the line for the holeshot. Using similar lines to what helped him lock down the day's top qualifying spot, the Valli Motorsports Yamaha rider set the pace for the opening laps of the moto. As the race neared its halfway point, fellow countryman Marvin Musquin joined Pourcel and the two riders slipped away from the rest of the field. The European riding style worked flawlessly on the technical course, with the two riders battling for the lead with the fluid lines and smooth technique they've become known for. A roughly seven lap duel came down to the final feet of track, with Pourcel taking the checkered flag just .682 seconds ahead

Christophe Pourcel claimed another holeshot in the day's second moto and again sped off in the lead with a Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider in tow. This time it was Jeremy Martin, who patiently followed and learned the unique lines in the race's opening laps. Pourcel fought to keep Martin at bay, but a pass for the lead came near the halfway point of the moto and put the Valli Motorsports Yamaha rider to second place. Many thought that Pourcel would fade after this pass, but instead hung in for the length of the moto and scored second place, seven seconds behind Martin. The 1-2 scores were more than enough to give Pourcel the overall victory, his first since 2011.

Jeremy Martin | 3-1 | Second Overall

2014 Unadilla MX | Jeremy Martin

With his first professional title in sight, some would expect Jeremy Martin to turn down in the final rounds of the series. The Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider came into the weekend with a large point lead over teammate Cooper Webb, but still raced for every position on the course. A solid start in moto one put Martin near the front of the pack but a mistake allowed Marin Musquin to get by, and he was unable to match the pace set by the French flyers. His fastest lap, a 2:16.444, was roughly a second slower and finished the moto nine seconds after winner Pourcel.

Jeremy Martin locked onto Christophe Pourcel's rear fender in the second moto and was determined to learn the lines of the rider many consider the slyest on the starting line. After a number of laps, Martin attacked as the two dropped into the Gravity Cavity and rocketed out of the ditch with the lead. He would go on to win the moto by a seven second margin, and the twenty-five points scored put him further ahead of his championship competition with just four motos remaining.

Marvin Musquin | 2-5 | Third Overall

2014 Unadilla MX | Marvin Musquin

Still riding the high of his overall win at Washougal, many expected Marvin Musquin to perform well on the challenging Unadilla layout. Issues in practice were long forgotten by the first moto, especially when the Red Bull KTM rider rocketed out of the gate and near the front of the pack. A mistake by Martin in the first few moments allowed Musquin to sneak by for second place, and from there he set off after Pourcel. During the pursuit Musquin posted the fastest lap of the moto, a 2:14.826, and closed in on his fellow Frenchman in the final crucial moments, but came up just short of making a pass before the checkered flag.

Musquin was scored seventh in the opening laps, but the time it took to advance through the extra spots between himself and the front runners cost the Red Bull KTM rider a shot at the top-three. Whil the front pack pulled away, Musquin and Blake Baggett battled for fourth position, but a mistake by Musquin allowed Baggett to go b and ended the battle. Still, the fifth place ride was enough to put Musquin third overall on the day, his third straight podium.

Justin Bogle | 5-3 | Fourth Overall

2014 Unadilla MX | Justin Bogle

Justin Bogle's start in the first moto put the GEICO Honda rider in sixth place, and while his time in the 15-lap moto was solid, he would only be scored as making a single pass to take fifth at the checkered flag. After being locked in a three-way battle for position with Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki teammates Dean Wilson and Blake Baggett, Bogle ran right between the two by running his best time on lap fourteen of the sixteen lap moto.

Bogle's overall scored depended heavily on if Marvin Musquin could break into the top-five, as the points scored for the day were shaping up to be enough for a podium ride. Quickly into third place during the day's final moto, the GEICO Honda rider reignited his first moto duel with Blake Baggett for position and held on to his spot until the checkered flag. The 5-3 scores, combined with Musquin's, put Bogle fourth overall on the day.

Blake Baggett | 6-4 | Fifth Overall

2014 Unadilla MX | Blake Baggett

Another poor start buried Blake Baggett in the field of forty riders, but the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider put on another stellar charge through the field in the first moto. His strongest laps came midway through the sixteen lap run, clocking in two and three seconds quicker than those around him. Although his pace slowed slightly in the final laps, it was still similar to closest competitors Dean Wilson and Justin Bogle to form a close battle for position. Unfortunately for Baggett, he could not close the gap enough before the finish to move into the top-five.

Baggett was well into the top-ten off the start of the second moto, but his sixth place spot again allowed the front field to pull away. Still turning some of the fastest laps of the moto, Baggett climbed up the running order and into fourth place thanks in part to flat-out speed and mistakes by other riders. The last laps of the moto were uneventful, as he was just shy of reaching Justin Bogle for third place, but still ahead of Marvin Musquin for fifth. His 6-4 scores on the day placed him fifth overall, with the better second moto allowing him to win the tiebreaker over Dean Wilson's 6-4 scores. The thirty-three points scored on the day also put him ahead of Cooper Webb in the championship standings.

Overall Results
1. Christophe Pourcel 1-2
2. Jeremy Martin 3-1
3. Marvin Musquin 2-5
4. Justin Bogle 5-3
5. Blake Baggett 6-4
6. Dean Wilson 4-6
7. Joey Savatgy 9-9
8. Chris Alldredge 13-8
9. Alex Martin 12-10
10. Shane McElrath 10-13
11. Jessy Nelson 16-11
12. Matt Lemoine 15-12
13. RJ Hampshire 11-16
14. Zach Osborne 38-7
15. Cooper Webb 7-36
16. Cole Seely 8-34
17. Luke Renzland 18-15
18. Zach Bell 17-17
19. Jason Anderson 38-14
20. Kyle Cunningham 14-37
2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 250 Class (After 16 of 24 motos)
1. Jeremy Martin 422pts (8 moto wins)
2. Blake Baggett 356pts (5 moto wins)
3. Cooper Webb 348pts (3 moto wins)
4. Marvin Musquin 329pts (2 moto wins)
5. Christophe Pourcel 321pts (1 moto win)
6. Justin Bogle 310pts
7. Jason Anderson 243pts
8. Cole Seely 225pts
9. Jessy Neslon 200pts
10. Dean Wilson 176pts