After Two | 2014 WMX Series Update

By Sarah DiMare

Photos by Matt Rice/Garagewerks/Mackinze Tricker/Laura Gordon

The announcement of the 2014 WMX series took many by surprise. After a three round series in 2013, dubbed the Triple Crown, many anxiously awaited and speculated the announcement of what was in store for the 2014 until series promoter MX Sports linked together an eight race series. While the series was not in conjunction with the Pro Outdoor Series, as it has been for the last several years, it offered new opportunities to the competitors.

The first experience was racing the Ricky Carmichael Supercross in Daytona, Florida, during Bike Week. Many in the field had never raced on a Supercross track but this new addition to the series allowed the women to have that experience. While most racers would find the first race of the season something completely out of their element, it did not stop them from bringing their best to the track.

While there are some familiar names in the ranks from previous years, the new rules and change in the format has brought in new riders along with some that we haven't seen in a while. Those that follow WMX are familiar with Amanda Brown, Shelby Rolen, and Sade Allender, up and coming racers Mackenzie Tricker and Taylor Higgins, and even Glad Limbaugh, a racer in her 40s.

The first round started the series with a bang. Every racer that signed up for the opening round of the WMX event received a ticket to watch Saturday night's Supercross and had the chance to check out the track and plan their strategy for the next two days. The track received changes overnight, such as triples turned to tabletops, and the sheer roughness of the track required plenty of maintenance throughout the day.

When the racing finally took place, Mackenzie Tricker took the holeshot of moto one and lead from that point to the checkered flag over Taylor Higgins and Kylie Fasnacht. Tricker's confidence on the track was obvious, thanks in part to the many Supercross style the Australian has ridden in her career.

The second moto was held the following day, with the track still rough and the temperatures hovering near 80 degrees. Tricker again claimed the holeshot, followed by Chelsea Newbold-Wright, but Tricker extended her lead as the laps clicked off to take the moto. Her sweep of the weekend gave her the overall, and Marissa Markelon and Kyle Fasnacht flanked her on the podium.

Round One Overall Results

1. Mackenzie Tricker
2. Marissa Markelon
3. Kylie Fasnacht
4. Taylor Higgins
5. Amanda Brown
6. Brinsley Dyess
7. Shelby Rolen
8. Sade Allender
9. Chelsea Newbold
10. Alyssa Fitch

The second round of the series took place alongside the James Stewart AMA Spring Championship at Freestone County Raceway in Wortham, Texas. Because the track was much more like the outdoor tracks the racers are used to, it welcomed another diverse group of riders in the WMX class and the top 10 finishers from Daytona were given the first ten gate picks, while the remaining were decided by a 15 minute timed practice.

A light rain at the start of moto one left the Texas track slick and heavy, but the competition was much more intense that what was seen in Florida. Brandy Richards bested Mackenzie Tricker for the moto win, while Marissa Markelon claimed third place. Unlike Daytona, which had the second moto held on a separate day, the field was soon back behind the gate for another moto. After being bested in the first go, Tricker stormed to the front of the field to take the moto win and overall victory. Richards, meanwhile would finish the moto in third place but the point total was enough to finish the event second overall, and Taylor Higgins completed the podium.

Round Two Overall Results

1. Mackenzie Tricker
2. Brandy Richards
3. Taylor Higgins
4. Kylie Fasnacht
5. Amanda Brown
6. Amber Felicio
7. Shelby Rolen
8. Eden Netelkos
9. Ashleigh Hall
10. Brandy Payne Meguess