2015 San Diego SX | Race Report

San Diego SX

Cooper Webb overcame a huge practice crash to win the San Diego 250 main over Shane McElrath and Tyler Bowers.

2015 San Diego SX | Race Report 


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By Casey Davis

Photos by Ryne Swanberg

Downtown San Diego was the site for the sixth round of the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross series and Petco Park was host to a Supercross race for the very first time and the racing could’t have been any better. Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha’s Cooper Webb had a major get off during one of the afternoon’s practice sessions and had apparently injured his shoulder. However, it was going to take more than that to knock the wind out of the sails of the points leader. Webb didn’t seem to be riding like his usual self in the heat race because he seemed rather content with his fourth place finish. That was a different story, though, in the main event because the Yamaha ripper surprised everyone by putting on a clinic after hanging back in second behind his new arch rival, Tyler Bowers. Webb made it happen in the end, though, and it was a very well deserved win. When the premier class hit the track, it was the Trey Canard and Ken Roczen show, as the two separated themselves from the rest of the pack and put on quite a showing for the fans. It was Team Honda’s Canard that emerged the victor, but not without a fight from the German.

250 Heat One

Red Bull KTM’s Justin Hill shot out of the gate first and nabbed the first holeshot of he night. Motorsport.com/Fox/Kawasaki’s Josh Hansen crossed the first turn in a close second and passed Hill for lead. Hill passed Hansen back, though, and rode a solid race all the way to the checkers. Geico Honda’s Malcolm Stewart moved into third by the end of lap one and Zach Freeberg followed in a close fourth. On lap two, Stewart passed Hansen for third and AutoTrader.com/Rock River/Yamaha’s Alex Martin made his way around Freeberg for third. Meanwhile, Hill stretched the lead to two seconds over Stewart. TLD/Lucas Oil/Red Bull/KTM’s Jessy Nelson made his way into sixth place with two laps to go, then made an aggressive pass on Freeberg for fifth place. Hill made it all come together and finished in first place with Stewart and Hansen following.

1. Justin Hill
2. Malcolm Stewart
3. Josh Hansen
4. Alex Martin
5. Jessy Nelson
6. Jackson Richardson
7. Austin Politelli
8. Zach Freeberg
9. Aaron Plessinger
10. Jake Canada

250 Heat Two

TLD/Lucas Oil/Red Bull KTM’s Shane McElrath came out with the holeshot and a pair of Rockstar Energy Racing Huskys of Zach Bell and Zach Osborne followed closely. On lap two, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyler Bowers made the pass on Bell for third. Meanwhile, Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamahs’s Cooper Webb, who had a bad get off in practice and apparently injured his shoulder, sat in fifth. With two to go, McElrath and Osborne pulled away from the rest of the pack, as they had almost six seconds on third  place. Webb and Bell had a good little battle on the final lap, but Webb got the better of the Husky rider, as he moved into third. McElrath, like Hill in the previous heat, grabbed the holeshot and rode all the way to the checkered flag with no challenges.

1. Shane McElrath
2. Zach Osborne
3. Tyler Bowers
4. Cooper Webb
5. Zach Bell
6. Tommy Hahn
7. Cole Martinez
8. Trevor Reis
9. Brandon Scharer
10. Chris Alldredge

250 LCQ

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Chris Alldredge grabbed the holeshot with Geico Honda’s Matt Bisceglia hot on his heels. Bisceglia passed the Kawi rider momentarily, but Alldredge got back around him for the lead. Ryan Breece in third followed by Michael Horban in a close fourth. Alldredge made pastor lead on Alldredge with two laps to go. Alldredge tries to retaliate, but was unsuccessful and Alldredge rode away to the finish.

1. Matt Bisceglia
2. Chris Alldredge
3. Ryan Breece
4. Michael Horban
5. Kevin Weisbruch
6. Cody Church
7. Kyle Swanson
8. Morgan Burger
9. Austin Ullrich
10. Colton Aeck

250 Main Event

Osborne ripped out of the gate to grab the holeshot with Webb and Bowers in second and third, respectively. Stewart, who was in a great position on the opening lap, went down hard at the end of a tricky rhythm section and retired from the race, visibly shaken. Bowers and Webb both made their way around Osborne for first and second.  McElrath sat in fourth and Hansen in a close fifth. McElrath moved into third on lap two and Bowers began to stretch out a little bit of a lead by putting three seconds between himself and his rival, Webb, on lap four. Nelson, who suffered from a bad start, found himself outside the top 10 just behind Politelli.

At the halfway point, it became apparent that Bowers wasn’t pulling away from Webb anymore and, in fact, Webb began to close up on the Pro Circuit rider. With six laps to go, Webb made the pass for the lead and McElrath did the same, as he moved into second in front of Bowers. Meanwhile, Hansen moved into fourth and the 250 class veteran began to reel in the Arenacross champ to challenge for third place, but couldn’t get close enough before the checkered flag came out. Webb rode an incredible race and to a well-deserved win over over McElrath and Bowers, in that order. It would be McElrath’s first career podium finish.

Main Event Results

1. Cooper Webb
2. Shane McElrath 
3. Tyler Bowers
4. Josh Hansen
5. Alex Martin
6. Zach Osborne
7. Zach Bell
8. Jessy Nelson
9. Tommy Hahn
10. Chris Alldredge
11. Cole Martinez
12. Jackson Richardson
13. Zach Freeberg
14. Aaron Plessinger
15. Matt Bisceglia
16. Austin Politelli
17. Trevor Reis
18. Brandon Scharer
19. Michael Horban
20. Ryan Breece
21. Malcolm Stewart
22. Justin Hill

Monster Energy Supercross 250 Championship
Points Standings (After 6 of 9 rounds):

1. Cooper Webb – 136 pts/4 wins
2. Jessy Nelson – 106 pts/1 win
3. Tyler Bowers – 104 pts
4. Zach Osborne – 102 pts
5. Shane McElrath – 86 pts
6. Aaron Plessinger – 81 pts
7. Justin Hill – 79 pts
8. Josh Hansen – 79 pts
9. Alex Martin – 75 pts
10. Malcolm Stewart – 69 pts

Trey Canard and Ken Roczen were this close throughout the main event.

Trey Canard and Ken Roczen were this close throughout the main event.

2015 San Diego SX | Race Report | 450 Championship

 450 Heat One

BTO Sports/KTM’s Andrew Short rocketed to get the holeshot, as Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Davi Millsaps, who has been fighting an illness, sat in a close second. Geico Honda’s Eli Tomac moved into third, as Millsaps and Short exchanged positions a few times with Millsaps moving into the lead. On lap three, Discount Tire/Two TwoMotorsports/Kawasaki’s Chad Reed moved around AutoTrader.com/Toyota/JGR/Yamaha’s Phil Nicoletti for fourth. However, with three laps to go, Reed made a bobble mid-corner and went down moving Nicoletti back into fourth. Tomac and Millsaps have a great battle for a lap or so, but Tomac made it happen with two to go and got around Millsaps and finished with the win.

1. Eli Tomac
2. Davi Millsaps
3. Andrew Short
4. Phil Nicoletti
5. Jake Weimer
6. Killian Rusk
7. Chad Reed
8. Nick Schmidt
9. Jimmy Albertson
10. Jason Clermont

450 Heat Two

Team Honda’s Cole Seely ran away with the holeshot in the second heat of the 450 class. Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey and RCH/Soaring Eagle/Jimmie John’s/Factory Racing’s Ken Roczen followed in a close second and third, though. Roczen made quick work of his former teammate and moved into second. Team Honda’s Trey Canard sat just behind Dungey in fourth on lap two, but Canard made the pass on Dungey for third and then began to reel in Roczen for second. On lap three, Roczen made a small mistake and allowed Canard to close up even further, but Roczen maintained second and on the final lap, the RCH rider put on one final charge for Seely, but the Team Honda rider stayed on it till the win.

1. Cole Seely
2. Ken Roczen
3. Trey Canard
4. Ryan Dungey
5. Josh Grant
6. Blake Baggett
7. Mike Alessi
8. Broc Tickle
9. Kyle Chisholm
10. Adam Enticknap

450 Semi One

Privateer Killian Rusk rocketed to a holeshot and Ronnie Stewart in a second place. Stewart made quick work of Rusk for the lead on lap two and RCH/Soaring Eagle/Jimmie John’s/Factory Suzuki Racing’s Broc Tickle made his way up to third. The top three guys were all within feet of each other, as Rusk moved around Stewart for the lead. Tickle made his way around for Stewart for second with two laps to go and then made a pass attempt on Rusk, but was unsuccessful. Tickle inched his way past Rusk, however, the privateer wasn’t finished. It became a drag race to the checkered flag out of the final corner with Rusk narrowly beating out Tickle for the win.

1. Killian Rusk
2. Broc Tickle
3. Brett Metcalfe
4. Ronnie Stewart
5. Kyle Partridge
6. Jason Clermont
7. Nick Schmidt
8. Adam Monea
9. AJ Catanzaro
10. Alex Nagy

450 Semi Two

Josh Grant ripped the holeshot with his Two Two Motorsports counterpart Chad Reed in second and Kyle Chisholm in third. Team Tedder’s Jake Weimer moved around Chisholm for third and Smart Top/Motoconcepts Mike Alessi did the same, as he moved into fourth. Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson sat in fifth just behind Chisholm, as he reeled in the privateer. However, Hill was on a mission and had his sights set on Anderson to make a move. With two laps to go, Reed caught his teammate Grant and made  the pass for the lead. However, a little bump from Reed sent Grant over the berm and out of contention for the main event.

1. Chad Reed
2. Jake Weimer
3. Mike Alessi
4. Jason Anderson
5. Kyle Chisholm
6. Josh Hill
7. Josh Grant
8. Nick Wey
9. Jimmy Albertson
10. Tevin Tapia

450 LCQ

Grant, again, ripped another holeshot with Arma Energy/Motosport.com/Yamaha’s Jimmy Albertson in tow. Mafia Moto Crew’s Nick Wey sat in third on the second lap and Team 3BR’s Tevin Tapia in fourth. Yoshimura/Suzuki’s Blake Baggett was on the move, though, and made his way around Tapia. AutoTrader.com/Rock River/Yamaha’s Josh Hill suffered from a bad start and was forced to fight his way through the pack, as he made his way into fifth with two laps to go, but it just wasn’t enough, as Grant finished with the win and Albertson, Wey and Baggett finished in that order.

1. Josh Grant
2. Jimmy Albertson
3. Nick Wey
4. Blake Baggett
5. Josh Hill
6. Tevin Tapia
7. Fredrik Noren
8. AJ Catanzaro
9. Nick Schmidt
10. Jason Clermont

450 Main Event

Alessi rocketed out of the gate at the start of the main, but ended up off the track allowing Roczen to move into lead with Canard in second. Millsaps got around Short for third on lap two. On the opening lap,  Tomac went for a pass on Reed and as the two bikes got tangled, Tomac went down and found himself outside of the top 10.  Dungey sat in a close fourth, as Millsaps went down on lap three, allowing Dungey to move into a podium position. Canard passed Roczen for the lead, but Roczen answered back with an immediate pass back for the lead on lap four. Canard, though, went in for one more pass and made it count and he moved into the lead for good. Points leader Dungey ran a close third with Reed, Short and Yoshimura/Suzuki’s Blake Baggett following on lap six. Anderson, who was running well inside the top 10 on lap eight, went down, but remounted to finish the race in 10th.

At the halfway point of the race, Roczen began to put on a charge for Canard, but it seemed that the Honda rider had everything under control. Meanwhile, with seven laps to go, Tomac had made his way up to fifth position. With six laps to go, Roczen was able to get right on the fender of Canard and show him a wheel to keep him honest for the latter part of the race. With three laps to go, it was a mere 1.1 seconds separating Canard and Roczen, but Canard made it happen and he earned his second win of the season with Roczen in second and Dungey rounding out the podium.

450 Main Event Results

1. Trey Canard
2. Ken Roczen
3. Ryan Dungey
4. Chad Reed
5. Eli Tomac
6. Cole Seely
7. Blake Baggett
8. Andrew Short
9. Broc Tickle
10. Jason Anderson
11. Brett Metcalfe
12. Josh Grant
13. Mike Alessi
14. Phil Nicoletti
15. Jake Weimer
16. Kyle Chisholm
17. Nick Wey
18. Jimmy Albertson
19. Killian Rusk
20. Davi Millsaps
21. Kyle Partridge
22. Ronnie Stewart

Monster Energy Supercross 450 Championship
Points Standings (After 6 of 17 rounds):

1. Ryan Dungey – 127/1 win
2. Ken Roczen – 118/2 wins
3. Trey Canard – 109/2 wins
4. Eli Tomac – 100/1 win
5. Jason Anderson – 85
6. Cole Seely – 82
7. Chad Reed – 75
8. Justin Barcia – 71
9. Blake Baggett – 68
10. Andrew Short – 66