2015 Anaheim Three SX | The Bangers

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“The SX tour made one last stop at Angel Stadium this past weekend for Anaheim 3 and the racing is starting to heat up even more.  The track was pretty tough this week with two crazy whoop sections that provided fits for the riders all day.  An elevated start also made its debut in Monster Energy Supercross and although it was a cool addition, it took up quite a bit of floor space and I felt that the track was kind of short for Anaheim.  It was tough to shoot all day with taller than normal jumps lining the outside of the track, it was tough to see what was going on.  The track prep has been on point lately though and there have been ruts at almost every track so far which usually isn’t that case on the west coast.  This weekend we are visiting a new stadium in San Diego that should provide a fun vibe and I’m excited to see some epic racing in the Lites class before they head into their break.”

Steps: 19,685
Miles Covered: 9.68
Photos Taken: 2,971