In the October issue of TransWorld Motocross, we reviewed a pre-production version of the new Troy Lee Designs SE Motocross Helmet and gave it a rave review with a rating of 9 out of 10. Since then we’ve taken delivery of a full production unit and have spent many an afternoon in it, and believe it or not, we’ve come to love the helmet even more!


Starting at $415, the TLD Se Helmet is definitely a hefty investment, but they key word here is “investment.” Now, we don’t know about you, but our fearless leader has slapped his head on the ground more than his fair share of times and won’t even consider wearing a cheese-ball econo helmet. The TLD SE Helmet is a high-end safety helmet that has gained both DOT and Snell approvals, and the quality of the piece is readily apparent when merely holding it in your hands. In addition to being super-light, the construction of the SE Helmet is second to none and everything about it is made the best it can possibly be.


The helmet boasts an aerospace composite fiberglass with carbon fiber and Kevlar reinforced shell, and also has an impact-absorbing EPS liner in the chin bar. The shell and liner feature multiple cooling vents, and with the SoCal temperatures of late reaching well over 100 degrees, we can attest to the fact that the TLD SE Helmet is one of the coolest wearing lids we’ve ridden in. One thing that we’ve noticed in time, is how extremely comfortable the helmet actually is. Though it is pretty plush when new, the SE has gotten more and more comfortable in time, as it breaks in and conforms to the wearer’s head. The liner lets in and blocks out just the right amount of engine noise; it’s not too loud, and not too quiet. Every brand and model of goggle we’ve tried fit nicely in the SE, something that can’t be said about many helmets on the market. The eye port is wide and offers a generous amount of peripheral vision. The removable rubber roost guard in the face mask of the lid is a nice touch that is much appreciated when riding on the receiving end of a stone spray sandwich.


But getting back to the $415 starting price tag… Each TLD Se Helmet comes with super trick stock graphics that are without a doubt the best we’ve seen, as well as an extra matching spare visor (not some kooky chrome deal) and a plush helmet bag that makes those polyester pouches that most helmets come in look like laundry sacks.


They say that you never have a second chance to make a first impression, but in this case, our full-production version of the SE Helmet has raised our opinions even higher. Give it a 10? Sure, why not…we can’t think of a single thing that we don’t love about this helmet!


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