4/12 Catching up with Ezra Lusk

Coming into 2002 Ezra Lusk had high expectations on what his supercross season should produce. Needless to say, two podium finishes were not in his plans. His only two podiums through the thirteen rounds were thirds in Daytona and Houston. Although frustrated, Ezra plows on and looks towards racing the nationals to fulfill his 2002 goals. That being the case, Ezra is finding new fire in working to be “the man” outdoors and is feeling more at home under the Chevy Trucks/Kawasaki tent. Don’t be surprised this summer if you see a green bike with number 11 on it, crossing the finish line first much of the time. That will be the Ezra Lusk we all thought we would see back in January.


TransWorld Motocross: How are you feeling after last weekend? You crashed pretty hard in practice. What happened?

Ezra Lusk: I am O.K. but still a little sore from that crash. There was this little on and off section that was fairly easy. I guess I got a little to confidant with it. I clipped it, went over the bars, and landed with the face part of my helmet into the ground. It tucked my head under and I pulled some muscles in my neck. As a precaution I went to the hospital to get it checked out. Although I raced that night, I was really sore.

TWMX: You have had a new trainer for a few months, how is that working out?

EL: It’s working out really good. It has been five weeks now and we are trying to gear everything toward the nationals. I am focused on being stronger than I have ever been for outdoors.

TWMX: What are you missing to be consistently on the podium?

EL: I think that I’ve got everything pretty much dialed in now. Up until my trainer came along, I think I was stuck in a rut for the last couple of years. We’ve been working on getting my intensity up to where it should be.

TWMX: Now that you have had time to settle in at Kawasaki, do you feel at home there?

EL: Yes I do. I could not have made a better decision moving to Kawasaki. I am happier than I ever have been. There is not one bad attitude on the whole team and that makes everything flow.

TWMX: How do you feel as the nationals are approaching? Glen Helen is only a month away…

EL: I really think I am going to be prepared for the nationals. My supercross season could not have been any worse. I set certain standards and I have not even gotten close to them. In the past I have won a few races by now! I have been working on getting back to the level that I should be at. I am there now. I just have to cut out all the little mistakes that are so costly. Looking forward, I have never been that strong for a whole season of nationals. It seems like I have always come into the nationals hurt from racing the supercross season and it ruins my whole outdoor run. I am more prepared for the outdoor season than I ever have been and I can’t wait.

TWMX: How is your relationship with your teammates Stephane and Bubba? Is there any friendship there or is it strictly business?

EL: Well, right now I would have to say that it is just a business relationship. Stephane has his friends, Bubba has his family, and I have my wife so there is not of us hanging out other than at the racetrack. There is nothing wrong with those guys; we are just different ages. On the other team I could hang with Windham, and Tortelli because we are around the same age, that is not the case now.

TWMX: Would you ever consider riding for team USA in the Des Nations?

EL: I would consider it, but it is hard to say at this point in time. Right now we are concentrating on what is the best thing for me. Right now, it’s the outdoor season.

TWMX: At this point in your career do you feel better racing SX or the nationals?

EL: I think I am a better supercross rider, but this years nationals are going to be interesting. I am looking forward to being a more confident rider out there. I will be proving to be the rider I wanted to be at the beginning of the year.

TWMX: Name one thing that should be done too the sport to improve it.

EL: I could do without all the negative press from the magazines. I never say their names because sometimes negative press is good press. It’s not only me but everybody says that they need to talk positive about the sport and not negative. All they are doing is hurting the sport.

TWMX: Are you out of the orange gear now? I heard you thought it was bad luck for you and did not want to wear that any more, is that true?

EL: Good observation! (laughs). I left the track in St. Louis without a piece of orange in my gear bag. That color may have been lucky for RC but it’s not my lucky color. I really don’t even like that color to be honest with you, but I didn’t pick my colors. I run what Thor gives me. I like the Thor gold and purple Lakers gear.

TWMX: Do you believe in good luck and bad luck?

EL: I believe you make your own luck. A lot of people talk about karma and I don’t believe in that either. You put yourself in certain positions; I have not been able to do that very well this year. Something is always happened to me in the past because I am not where I am supposed to be or where I want to be. So then I am cruising around in fifth or sixth place around the riders that are comfortable back there. Then, I react different because I want to be in the front. Long story short I don’t believe in it.